Thursday, November 19, 2009

DOT offers such a bargain!

From the Times Newsweekly:

In announcing the Expedited Sidewalk Repair Program last Tuesday, Oct. 27, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan indicated that expediting sidewalk repairs around Queens would help eliminate safety hazards while improving the quality of life for residents. The new sidewalks, it was noted, would also decrease the liability faced by homeowners in the event someone sues them after being injured by a damaged sidewalk in front of their residence.

Under the expedited repair program, property owners may request a DOT contractor to make the improvements at a cost of between $11 and $13 per square foot, which is higher than the current rate charged by the DOT (between $8 and $9 per square foot).

Based on the average 200 square feet of sidewalk adjacent to a typical one-family home in Queens, homeowners could be charged anywhere between $2,200 and $2,600 if it is determined entire pathway must be repaired.

It was noted that certain areas of Queens—the confines of Community Boards 8 (Fresh Meadows, Jamaica Estates, Holliswood, Flushing South, Utopia, Kew Gardens Hills, Briarwood), 9 (Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Howard Beach) and 11 (Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Auburndale, East Flushing, Oakland Gardens, Hollis Hills)—are ineligible since the DOT currently has sidewalk repair contracts underway in each district.

Properties with four or more residential units are also not eligible, as are locations scheduled for capital reconstruction, vaulted properties and sidewalks with distinctive features such as bluestone (slate), granite or decorative pavement.

The program runs through November 2010. For more information, or to file a request for repairs, call 311 or visit The DOT website also has a list of contractors licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to perform sidewalk improvements.


georgetheatheist said...

"Come, and trip it as ye go.
On the light fantastic toe.

- John Milton, "L'Allegro", 1645

Anonymous said...

Expect lots of new sidewalk violations to be written. Election's over and more revenue raisers are on tap.

faster340 said...

Oh please. I have been on this list since 2004. I finally had it done myself last year when the neighbor on my right and left were having theirs done. Got a good deal too. I am just curious to see if they ever send me notice that they intend to repair.

Anonymous said...

Even when you call 311 for information no one knows anything, they won't even tell you where you could get a list of City approved contractors. I was told there is a 3 to 5 year wait. The total incompetence is beyond belief. The funny part here is I have been communicating with the city for over 2 years now because my street is sinking. We were told by the Commissioner of DOT that our street had been fixed, which it has but only a little bit more than 1/2 they left out the residential side of the street and that is where it's sinking. I've gotten so many mixed messages, i guess when my car sinks it will take me 10 years or more to sue the city, but I will. If the City was as diligent as it expects the taxpayers to be we would be in some great shape.

Anonymous said...

What about when the sidewalk is damaged by city-owned trees along the curb? Does the homeowner pay and wait to get reimbursed by the city? Why can't the city do the repair themselves within 45 days (homeowners who get a violation have 45 days to get it repaired)?

Anonymous said...

all this is , is another hidden tax every house on my block got a violation including my home , my sidewalks where new 1 year ago when i called the city regarding the violation they came out and said they have no clue why i was issued a violation cause my sidewalks are new . all it is ,, is a tax they get the fees for the permit to do the sidewalk at like 60 dollars so they send an inspector out he issues 200 tickets a day even if ur sidewalks are new add it up $12,000 a day in the city coffers . and if a city tree is the cause of the crack the parks advises that there is no money in there budget to repair it and that there is a 3 year backlog , well what about the budgets that the taxpayer has during these tough times , the phrase do as i say not as i do fits this city perfect.

A Hole said...

Re-elect Bloomturd!!!

warp10 said...

Better than nothing. There are thousands of sidewalk defects in CB8 alone (and yes, I have counted.) My late grandfather tripped and broke his shoulder on an uneven sidewalk several years ago. Right now, there are no fines or penalties for sidewalk violations, you just receive a request to repair it. If the city had put as much effort into this issue as it did parking violations (steep fines) this wouldn't be as much of an issue now.

As for uprooted sidewalks adjacent to city trees, there was recently an article that stated that the parks dept. would need upwards of $30,000,000 to fix them. Someone needs to sue the city about this to force them to allocate the funds (they could use the Coney Island money.)

Regardless, property owners have a responsibly to maintain the sidewalk per the Administrative Code. They should not wait for the city to get around to fix their sidewalk. Fix it now, if you believe the city is responsible, you can file a claim for property damage with the Comptrollers office or go to small claims court later.

Anonymous said...

CB8 are just a clueless and useless as the rest of them.

-Joe said...


It says meet in the park but on the HDC websight if says you must RSVP as soon as possible at or at (718) 760-6677.

Dan said...

Anonymous - the city does not issue fines for broken sidewalks (obstructed ones, yes). They place a lien on the property so you can't sell it and dump the problem on someone else. It's the property owner's responsibility to repair their sidewalk - not the city's. Call a contractor and do it yourself and quit whingeing about the city not kissing your butt fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Regarding it's the owner's responsibility to fix sidewalks, the city forces trees on to the homeowner, the homeowner has no choice in the matter, and when the trees damage the sidewalk you want the homeowner to make the repairs and then try to get their money back from the city? What planet are you on? The city will claim 1) it's not their problem, 2) you have to wait (years) 3) we don't care how much you paid, this is how much we much we reimburse (it will be much lower). And that's if you can get a straight answer from 311 and whatever agency that will even address the matter.