Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Addabbo vs. Ulrich in 2010?

From the Daily News:

State Republicans focused on returning the Senate to GOP control may turn Queens County into a political ground zero in their all-out effort for 2010.

City Councilman Eric Ulrich, who was reelected to his seat last week, is being courted by state Republicans to run for Senate next year against Joe Addabbo, a race that could have a long-lasting impact on the party's viability in the state, according to multiple sources.

Democrats currently have a slim majority in the Senate at 32-30, and both parties are focused on being in control in 2010-11 when mandatory redistricting takes place.

If the GOP loses, Senate Republicans could be in the wilderness for years to come.

"Senate Republicans have approached me," said Ulrich, who first won his seat in a special election in February. "That's not a decision I'm going to make until next year."

Ragusa mentioned former Councilman Anthony Como as another potential contender for Addabbo's seat saying, "I'll try and talk him into it."

Please don't, Phil. On election day this year, he still had at least one of his council campaign signs up from election day 2008:

What about that cushy 6-figure no-show job you arranged for him to get? He'd give that up to schlep back and forth to Albany? Or did that die along with democracy in this city?

Top photo from NY Magazine


Anonymous said...

Dump the do-nothing, ethically challenged Addabbo and take back the State Senate. Go Eric!!!

Lino said...

"If the GOP loses, Senate Republicans could be in the wilderness for years to come"...Just as they did for 43 years to the Democrats via gerrymandered districts.

The special election in which that methane bag Limbaugh and moron Palin tried to a sign that even the stupnegals up there have finally awoken..maybe.

Taxpayer said...

Yeah, Ragusa, show us how smart you are.

Is Ragusa in some kind of coma? Or, is his head just too far up Como's fat ass?

Have the Republicans commit suicide by Como.

Anonymous said...

Eric reminds me of "Spider" in goodfellas. Although he's not good enough to shine my shoes. Maybe he should get some life experience before he tries to move up the ladder.Now that he's with the other "Do nothings" in the City Council I'm sure he'll get lazy and just collect his paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Ulrich is thinking about leaving his office a year into his term? Even Sarah Palin lasted longer than that.

Anonymous said...

Addabbo would beat Ulrich in his own Council district by ten points. He would then kill Ulrich in Liz Crowleys district. Throw in the Democratic areas in Ridgewood and Woodhaven, and how exactly does Ulrich beat him ? As for Como, Addabbo would beat him by 20 points. Not competitive.

Anonymous said...

When is Addabbo going to do something?

Anonymous said...

When is Ulrich going to do something? (besides running for office)