Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Parks not so green after all

From the NY Post:

A Post investigation found there's little recycling going on in city green spaces, but the more shocking news is how waste collected in parks gets dumped.

Not only are routine recyclables like bottles, cans and paper being sent to landfills, but so is other waste that is supposed to be trashed separately, such as animal carcasses, medical waste and bins of used kitchen oil, according to some longtime parks employees responsible for garbage pickups.

One worker said supervisors routinely give orders like "make sure it all disappears," meaning dump everything on garbage trucks, because it's the fastest solution for cleaning parks.

"Not much gets recycled. We pick up everything -- furniture, concrete, even dead animals," said a worker whose route covers parts of Brooklyn parks.


Anonymous said...

NYC hasnt taken care of its own garbage since god knows when. Ohio maybe does not take NYC garbage anymore and Staten Island sounds full too. Recycle? Yeah right.

Whats with all the plastic water bottles idiots when you have one clean thing that is the water from upstate.

Taxpayer said...

Now that the election is over with the Commissar just squeaking past, he will now rescind the order to combine all the garbage.

The Commissar's new order will be to leave all trash where it is. Except in Manhattan.

Shouldn't we all have been smart enough to have dumped this freak when we had the chance?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we all have been smart enough to have dumped this freak when we had the chance?
guess not

Steve Behar said...

I've been saying for years that NYC should have recycling bins on the streets and in the parks. If you visit other cities in the U.S. and Canada they routinely recycle litter from the public domain. For all of his "green" talk, this is something Bloomberg could easily institute.

Anonymous said...

You can put recycling bins in the parks or on the streets. Will people use them properly?

Do you believe the signs on the subway trash bins that the garbage you throw in there, which is not separated, is getting recycled.? Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

The GREENING of NY, NY is about collecting Fines..."Greenbacks".

Remember when the subway turnstiles were mechanical and tokens were used? How can an electrified system cost "less" to run in the blackout-prone metropolitan area?