Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding bells for Hiram and Karla?

From CBS 2:

A top Senate Democrat is now calling for Sen. Hiram Monserrate to resign his seat following his conviction on a misdemeanor charge for assaulting his girlfriend.

The call by Sen. Liz Krueger of Manhattan follows a similar plea by the National Organization for Women.

NOW's New York chapter also criticized the Queens judge who acquitted the ex-cop Thursday on a felony charge that would have automatically removed him from office. NOW says it wants the Senate's Democratic leaders to find the courage to expel him.

Krueger says Monserrate, a fellow Democrat, is guilty of a disturbing crime and should resign.

Senate Democratic Conference leader Sen. John Sampson says they will review past practices and follow the law in considering what to do.

Joe Crowley is also calling for Monserrate's resignation.

From the NY Post:

"His conviction on a misdemeanor count, with jail time, that's the real concern," said a prominent Senate Democrat. "What are we going to do, leave him in the Senate while he's serving six months in jail?"

A Democratic strategist added, "I can see the brochure now: 'Your Democratic senator voted to keep in office a man found guilty of assault after he was accused of slashing a woman.'"

And also from the NY Post:

State Sen. Hiram Monserrate may be going from the courtroom straight to the wedding chapel.

Monserrate, who was acquitted Thursday of two felonies in the domestic abuse case brought against him by the Queens DA's office, is "headed" to the altar and plans to wed Karla Giraldo, his lawyer Joseph Tacopina told Fox 5's "Good Day New York" this morning.

"That's where it's headed," said Tacopina, adding that he may have "let the cat out of the bag" by blurting out details of the couple's relationship.

"Apparently, that's their intentions," added Tacopina.


Anonymous said...

Hiram will never get beyong where he is now... at least not for another dozen years. I believe it was worse, but a dumbarse judge said no. Cant see him flyin high with Dems. If they did it would make them vulnerable.

The worst thing, imo, (as a Repub), would be for that turd, who leads the Repubs, to accept him. He has said privately that he has, the next Winston Churchill for the party. Repubs bent down for Bloomers, so .... who knows. The party likes a doggy style position.

Anonymous said...

I am calling for his resignation.
Resign you dirtbag!

Karla you are making a big mistake. Or maybe you two are made for each other.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she would consider marrying a man with such violent tendencies. Poor woman.

italian girl said...

I wonder which sunglasses go with a wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

If a woman gets paid money does that make her a whore?

Just curious.

Thats all.

Gary the Agnostic said...

The shotgun will stay hidden...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he will abuse her again, as guys like that can't stop.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll punch her in the face at the altar!

Hiram said...

Hey Joe. Let's meet outside.

pintac90 said...

The Democrats are so hypocritical, when then Senator John Sabini was convicted of DUI, not one senator said anything about him resigning or stepping down. Monserrate was found NOT GUILTY of all felonies, and found guilty of a misdeamenor, which Monserrate will appeal and probably will be overturned. Our Justice system found Senator Monserrate innocent of those charges, if some Democrats want him out, then back a challenger in next years primary. Maybe Assemblyman Peralta, or former Councilman Eric Goia or maybe Francisco Moya may want to take on Monserrate, who knows. The Queens Democratic Party would love to get Monserrate out but they always seem to fall short. My money is they won't do that because in the end Monserrate will win. Hey Joe Bring it on, make the summer interesting!!!!

Anonymous said...

All parties cover up for there shit and their people. You are not wonder why Hiram is free of charge. This world is corrupted. He should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Good! I hope they get married. They deserve each other. Will he have to go to trial again the next time he beats the crap out of her?

Anonymous said...

Pintac90 Said

"Our Justice system found Senator Monserrate innocent of those charges,"

Actually Justice Erlbaum said the charges "Were not proven" that's very different than Innocent

Anonymous said...

Hiram was her gravy train. After reality hit her, right after Hiram hit her in the face with the glass, she realized she liked all the benefits that went along with dating a politician. I guess if she has to take a beating once in a while, it's worth it since he is probably her best prospect.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which sunglasses go with a wedding dress.

I was thinking bandages but point well made!

PizzaBagel said...

Where are they registered? I'd like to get her a bullet-proof vest and an order of protection.

Once again, there's no accounting for taste. Girl, you get what you deserve for sticking with your "man." The next time it happens -- and it will, likely much worse -- hopefully you will be in a condition to wise up to your situation and get the hell as far away from him as you can.

Lino said...

The real issue here is the politics of the State capitol.

The business and real estate lobbies are disparate to thwart pending legislation that would curb their greed and abuse of New Yorkers.

That whole "coup" last spring was orchestrated to derail final debate on pro-tenant, pro-consumer bills that Patterson had promised to sign.

This is the sort of tabloid garbage that they use to get us chasing our tails and ignoring their machinations.

Try not to get too distracted by the petty doings of these two white trash.

Anonymous said...

Match made in heaven.....two idiots.

It happens all the time....10-10-09

Mike's Whore said...

Try not to get too distracted by the petty doings of these two white trash.

Hey, I'm trash! Please don't insult me!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the ordained minister, Sen. Ruben Diaz of the Bronx will preside over Monserrate's wedding.

Talk about misplaced priorities. Rev. Diaz rails against gay marriage, wihle supporting the marriage of a potential wife-beater.

Anonymous said...

Karla Giraldo the ultimate victim's victim, how numb can this woman be . Obviously she has no other paths to take but to remain a victim by being with a man with a small tool and big hands.

Anonymous said...

Trash? Yes.

White? No.

Anonymous said...

How these folks like Monserrate are supported for elected office is beyond me.

They continue to be supported by the old fashion political party machines, with the Democratic party club in Monserrate's area led by the do-nothing-for-you-in-Washington; Hon. Congressman Joe Crowley.

Crowley as you may know, came to office by his mentor Congressman Manton, whom stepped down from office (grave illness) prior to his term was ended, to allow Crowley to be interim Congressman until he other others can be elected. Interim or incombents are generally shoo-in on the ballot and frequently the only candidate on the ballot (Queens is fantastic for Pols in this regard).

The party putting candidates forward like Monserrate out their as their best to represent their fortunes are clearly not vetting folks or I suspect are exactly like their candidates,batterers, liars, thieves,corrupt and slick Willies.

Of course these folks are beyond raproach of the law, after all if they get in trouble all Pols involved are sympatetic as they too are vulnerable to the same issues.

So Monserrate got a slap on the fingers - but could this judge redeem himself and sentence Monserrate a former Policeman 1 year in jail for slashing a petite woman in the face with a jagged shard of glass? Stay tuned - the wedding bells are coming up - more PR to spin.

Anonymous said...

hey, come on! what's a few stitches in your face?

Send Hiram to anger management,maybe a medical leave for in house treatment - as in locked ward. send Karla to an image consultant and Love means never having to say you're sorry. awwwwwww....too good for words!!!

Karla, honey, just listen to me will ya?

we all might think you're hiding the newest black eye from Hiram with the oversize sunglasses. time to rethink your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

That marriage should work! This assault on the bimbo started because he went searching through her bag and found a pba card! Let's see : he already doesn't trust her,suffers from low esteem because he is a fat bastid with a small dik and she is a bimbo! Yeah,that'll work just fine HA!!!!

linda said...

lmao, she's not going to marry him now! soon he won't have his seat up in albany and prison clothes won't be appealing up at the alter. why stay with a latino without a job!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's true love!

Anonymous said...

I don't care what either one of these losers do with or without each other, as long as he resigns and they both just fade away.