Monday, October 5, 2009

Questioning swine flu shot for schoolkids

"With plans for a mass immunization of children in schools, The School Children’s Health Initiative is a newsletter to provide current information relating to the mass vaccination of children for the ‘Swine-flu’ virus. It is of concern that environmental issues within the schools are not being considered or investigated as a possible cause and that the underlying medical condition of the students linked to this disease, remain unknown.

The School Children’s Health Initiative advocates for full “collective” disclosure of the medical conditions of the student population by medical professionals, which is permitted by state and federal law during a pandemic, in order to evaluate the ‘underlying’ medical conditions of the school populations.

Parents should be fully informed about their options about immunizing their children and be aware that the vaccines have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are therefore experimental. Parents should also be aware that there are studies indicating that the flu vaccines are ineffective.

Despite the fact that the mayor has indicated that the swine flu is a “relatively mild version”, the rush to immunize all children with an experimental vaccine is perplexing.

In the attached 60 Minutes interview, such a panic was created about the flu and the population received different shots at the last moment. Numerous people came down with neurological disease. Warnings were hidden from the public.

Attached is an incredible interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny “What if the Vaccine Should Turn Deadly” as it did in 1976. It is undetermined by current law whether the vaccination will be mandatory while the pharmaceuticals are protected from any liability.

As with current Federal Education policy, funding will be granted to the States to follow the dictates of the Federal Government.

Vaccinations are a State function."

Joseph Mugivan
Advocate for School Indoor Air Quality


Dhiraj said...

For complete information on Swine flue check the following link

Anonymous said...

What is so perplexing about the rush to give children an experimental vaccine? Various powerful pharmaceutical companies stand to make a lot of money from this. Simple.

What is more perplexing is how they can get all the medical records for all the children because of some trumped up sickness. What ever happened to HIPAA or privacy in general?

Anonymous said...

yeah, I don't see what's so perplexing about it. Maybe the word they meant to use is 'sad', or 'shortsighted', or 'panicked'. Lots of people are nervous and don't know what to do, but are hardwired for action.

Anonymous said...

Yes theres lots of brainwashed people who dont know about he late 1970's swine flu and vaccine causing major nerve damage, and partial paralysis to people reported on 60 minutes at the time. Many places have good info about this 60 minutes piece from 1976 and video clips.

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Toronto condos said...

At first, there was panic surrounding the sickness, now there's panic surrounding the vaccine too - just read the news everywhere. I think someone is simply trying to seize the chance and get as much as he can out of this mess. Free access to medical records could be very useful to the pharmaceutical industry.


Anonymous said...

best IS that no medical clearance /note is required to return to class.
Now those that can pull it off will---playing hookey and making those stats go sky high.

and that info came directly from the bd of ed's own memO to parents/guardians.
and bloomberg also told us to keep outta the hospitals too-