Thursday, October 8, 2009

Partial crane collapse in Columbus Square

From the Real Deal:

A crane this afternoon struck a piece of scaffolding at 775 Columbus Avenue, a rental building under construction as part of part of the new Columbus Square complex, city officials said. There were no injuries, according to a fire department spokesperson, but emergency personnel were on the scene following the 2:15 p.m. collapse, making sure the crane was secure. It was not clear at press time what caused the collision.


Anonymous said...

We do it right in Astoria. Here, when the crane hits the whole building next door goes down.

Anonymous said...

The local politicians have been told by the tenants of Park West Village repeatedly that these developers are not concerned with safety &/or the welfare of the existing tenants. Nothing has been accomplished by our complaints. Next we will be told that it is a new ride--"Ride the Collapsing Crane!". Oh, joy! A new Upper West Side delight. brought to you by the Mayor, the Borough President, the City Councilwoman, the State Assemblyman etc, etc, etc.