Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kim accepts shady WFP line

Statement from Steven Stites, Spokesman, Dan Halloran for City Council, Regarding Kevin Kim Accepting the Scandal-Plagued WFP Line

“Kevin Dukun Kim has come upon the Working Families Party endorsement in a way that surprises no one – a backroom deal designed to fool the voters. The benefits of this deal are enormous – and possibly illegal. Kevin Kim now stands to benefit from the Working Families Party’s web of underhanded activities, its ties to ACORN and its mysterious Data and Field Services, a business created solely to evade campaign finance law.

“A vacancy was caused when Barbara Byrnes, a Queens resident and Democrat who had been endorsed by the Working Families Party for City Council in our neighborhood, was nominated by the Working Families Party for a judgeship in Suffolk County. Pundits had predicted that Kim would in fact get Byrnes off the line to pave the way for him to have an extra line without having to face the scrutiny of the voters. Since Byrnes is only on the WFP line in Suffolk, the nomination is a sham device to create the vacancy. Kevin Kim, upon accepting the nomination, did not even announce the endorsement.

“Kevin Kim claims to be a reform candidate – but he stealthily accepted the help of the WFP, ACORN and their insider cronies. An unknown amount of money may now flow from Kim’s campaign to Data and Field Services. The WFP’s role in other campaigns is under investigation by the New York City Campaign Finance Board, local District Attorneys and possibly the Attorney General. Kim’s expenditures must now also be scrutinized for any evidence of laundering or illicit funneling through this shadow corporation, and whether Kim is violating the public trust in campaign finance laws.

“This is par for the course for Kevin Kim. He already has on his payroll Michael Nussbaum, a formerly convicted felon and the notorious ‘bag man’ for the infamous former Queens Democratic Borough President Donald Manes. Kevin Kim has raised virtually all of his campaign funds from out of state, and even out of the country, and now he is officially in bed with the scandal-ridden Working Families Party and ACORN. And Kevin Kim will clearly say and do anything to be elected.

“I call for an Attorney General investigation of Data and Field Services immediately. And I ask the voters to reject the politics of corruption practiced by ACORN, the WFP and Kevin Kim.”

In response, the Kim campaign came up with a story about their volunteers being pelted with fliers and a football...

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PizzaBagel said...

“A vacancy was caused when Barbara Byrnes, a Queens resident and Democrat who had been endorsed by the Working Families Party for City Council in our neighborhood, was nominated by the Working Families Party for a judgeship in Suffolk County. ..."

She's a Queens resident and she was nominated for a judgeship in Suffolk County by the Working Families Party? WFP? WTF!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone watch out, I heard Barack HUSSEIN Obama was coming to town!

If Halloran is turning to tired Rush Limbaugh scare tactics then he must be doing much worse in the polls than I thought.

Queens Crapper said...

What's scary about the name "Dukun"?

Anonymous said...

was not "dukun" the real name of "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" ?


felon/bagman/shadow corp.(very scary)

district 19....65% caucasian/20% asian(will they vote left-wing? kim only has 5% of his donors in dist.19

norman hsu bundling operation being repeated ?

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap writes: "In response, the Kim campaign came up with a story about their volunteers being pelted with fliers and a football..."

I have to commend Queens Crap, unlike other blogs and publications, Crap never tries to hide its racist, hate mongering ideology.

Queens Crapper said...

Racist hate mongering ideology is more like the "Pagan Lord" cover of the Queens Tribune as orchestrated by the Kim campaign or the filing of an obviously phony police report claiming that teenagers threw Halloran fliers at volunteers after yelling "Asian men out" which is something so ridiculous that I can't believe they actually did it with a straight face.

Taxpayer said...

A vote for Kevin Dukun Kim is a vote for ACORN.

Anonymous said...

I would not automatically discount the story, as there have been some anti-Asian attacks in the Little Neck-Douglaston area in the past. That does not mean that all Halloran supporters are anti-Asian, or that Halloran would condone such activity, just that some punks would use the election as an excuse to spout slurs. FYI, here's a link to an anti-Asian attack in Douglaston from 2006:

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah, okay. How you can tell this is bogus:

The Times Ledger story about this "incident" makes no mention of fliers, but the Post's explicitly does.

Wonder if the same person was interviewed for both pieces.

Anonymous said...

Also where is there a deli at Francis Lewis and Cross Island Pkwy?

Anonymous said...

Beijing, China; Shanghai, China;
Seoul, South Korea!

Three of Kim's out of country contribution sources!

You can confirm this by accessing the Campaign Finance Board's records on line!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the feds have already been contacted (heh, heh, heh)!

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

That trumped up attack is as phony as a lead quarter.

"Racism, racism"...the boys that cried wolf!

They filed a police report? When?

If I were attacked there would have been a 911 call placed IMMEDIATELY and the cops would be on the scene to confirm that the incident actually happened.

Oh...they called later?
Ha, ha, harrity, ha, ha!'re getting desperate Ackerman!

Anonymous said...

Oh lookee here...Terrance Park, that perennial hanger-onner to the extreme right!

Anonymous said...

Is Kim/Ackerman/Nussbaum/Schenkler
(and the ghost of Donald Manes) running a campaign based on candidate capability or bogus racism?

Kim has nothing substantial to sell...yet he wants to buy the 19th district...and with what?

With his "experience" as a community assistance clerk for Gary Ackerman?

C-mon Kevin...your tired creaky political pushcart is barely making it up the hill.

Was that Dan on his 10 speed passing you by?

You did miserably last night in Auburndale.

Are you going to now claim that all in attendance were all "racists".

Ackerman is hungry for that 19th district to come under the control of his asswipes so he can receive more laundered money from the far east!

Trixie said...

Great campaign flier candidate Halloran.

All will now know whose pocket Kim is relly in!

Maybe Michael Nussbaum can offer all the men in the 19th district a coupon for free sex through his massage parlor contacts.

Do you think that might improve Kim's chances?

Anonymous said...

The mighty oak of corruption from just a little Acorn grows!

Anonymous said...

What role does Ackerman play in all of this? Hmmm.......

Anonymous said...

"Also where is there a deli at Francis Lewis and Cross Island Pkwy?"

That could just be bad reporting. I just assumed they meant Northern Blvd near the Cross Island. But, you're right - there are several inconsistencies.

Anonymous said...

What about those cases of African Americans being kicked out of Korean owned businesses
because the owner assumed that they were thieves?

In one instance, a grandmother was locked in a store and, I think, her handbag was searched.

THAT, I believe WAS reported to the NYPD.

It happened in downtown Flushing.

Oh, we know, the proprietor didn't understand English very well and there must have been some "confusion".


Anonymous said...

Falsifying police reports IS a crime!

Kim had better be able to prove those racist accusations!

Nobody took cell phone video?

Anonymous said...

"pelting" with fliers and football. wowie wow,now that is "really" a crime!!!!!john c.liu to the rescue......he is the asian "sharpton",with much experience in this type of sensational media opportunism. but wait, he still needs the caucasian vote for comptroller.

kim should contact C.S.I..this could provoke a spectacular episode for t.v.

i do not believe this story.there must be store or home cameras mounted in the neighborhood,to verify.

the "masters of deceit " still exist. dem. media will continue to exploit the hoax.

Anonymous said...

Kim and his spin doctors are really anti Cauc-asian!

Oh...but Ackerman's asswipe stooges at the "Trib" will never look into that.

They all have plans for a hostile takeover of the 19th council district...make no mistake about it!

Like controlling a corporation by purchasing 51% of its stock...Kim has gotten 95% of his campaign contributions from out side of the 19th district.

Folks...that spells h-o-s-t-i-l-e
takeover in any language.

Anonymous said...

john c.liu to the rescue......

Yeah right! That arrogant piece of crap has gone silent and is so self-assured of winning the comptroller's race, he isn't even campaigning??!!? Has anyone seen or heard from Liu lately? Anyone see any evidence of a campaign? Certainly he has enough of a war chest to have TV ads. Where does the campaign money go if it is not used?

Anonymous said...

Where does the campaign money go if it is not used?

Other campaigns?

Anonymous said...

"Where does the campaign money go if it is not used?"

"Other campaigns?"

More likely he would hold it for his next election bid in 4 (or 8) years. Mayor? Senator?

Anonymous said...

Just what the hell qualifies Kim to be a councilman...being Ackerman's lackey outreach asswipe for just three years...and access to foreign funds for Congressman Gary?

He wouldn't last a week without a double "Excedrin" headache in a local district office.

I know...I've worked in one!

I'll bet his Oriental constituents get better service than the Occidentals...just like John Liu!