Sunday, October 4, 2009

Imagine that: You CAN conform with zoning and be profitable

From BushwickBK:

Most of us were introduced to the 1717 Troutman warehouse when its 220 tenants, mostly artists, were kicked out in 2007 because they inhabited an illegally converted industrial building. Today, after two years and a long list of renovations, the building is once again filled with artists, but this time it’s strictly for work space.

In May 2009, the building was reopened as a work space with 60 rentable units ideal for light manufacturing, workshops and artist studios. A large banner hangs outside 1717 Troutman advertising its available spaces, boasting their 14-foot ceilings and flexible leases, without any signs of the building’s troubled past.

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Anonymous said...

But Crappie, there is profitable and there is PROFITABLE.

We all know that every square inch of NY is a potential goldmine that has to be exploited in detail.