Thursday, October 15, 2009

How the hell did this happen?

This photo is one of a set from Miss Heather. Why is DOB allowing this?


Anonymous said...

Why is DOB allowing open pits with no construction and decrepit fences? We all know why--mobbed up.

Taxpayer said...

"Why is DOB allowing this?"

- - -

For the money. The Commissar encourages the "inspectors" to supplement their income by taking bribes (which must be shared with the Commissar).

Want it to end?

Dump the Commissar!

Joe said...

DOB just exsists on paper, pay checks and news media.
Nobody actually works at the place.

Perhaps the mayor wants it that way. Kind of like like how the scumbag has crane inspectors on foot and in chains not to slow down construction ?

Reminds me of the hearing scene in "Planet Of The Apes" with Dr.Zeus and the 3 chimp's behind the desk covering up their heads
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