Friday, October 16, 2009

Hiram guilty of misdemeanor; future uncertain

From the NY Times:

Mr. Monserrate, who has been in office for less than a year, was found guilty of misdemeanor assault but acquitted of felony assault, which would have automatically removed him from the Senate.

While his fellow Democrats grappled with the possibility that Mr. Monserrate could face up to a year in jail — depriving them of enough votes to pass legislation — his constituents weighed what they would do should they be asked to vote for Mr. Monserrate next year.

Reaction to the verdict in Albany was heavily freighted with political calculations. Had Mr. Monserrate been convicted on felony charges, a special election probably would have resulted in another Democrat filling the office within a few weeks, sparing Senate Democrats further embarrassment. Indeed, one possible contender for the job, Councilman Eric N. Gioia, wasted little time issuing a statement on Thursday that called for Mr. Monserrate to be expelled from the Senate.

As a first-time offender, Mr. Monserrate could receive no jail time, but there is still the possibility that Senate Democrats would be negotiating budget cuts and other legislation with one of their members behind bars.


Anonymous said...

I see his explanation in the photo......."I have A tiny dick,so i hit her".

Anonymous said...

I thoght this is America? I can own a home wherever i choose! Let's call a spade a spade.Do you want to live ina black or hispanic neighborhood if you are white.,and vice-versa? I'm talking about native ny'ers,not urban pioneers.

Anonymous said...

The verdict is a joke. Albany should boot him out. The judge should make amends and sentence him to the maximum (1 year) in jail. This guy will repeat his crimes again with other women. His victim is a classic case of being abused and needs help to escape him for good.

Anonymous said...

A backdoor deal went down and he was found not guilty of the felony but they found him guilty of the misdemeanor to put a little spin on the situation and keep you off balance.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I posted this on my blog and the bottom line is so many of these politicos act like thugs including Christine Quinn.
This New York Times article she and her aide both come across as thugs.

I just wonder where are prosecutors that can effectively prosecute? Oh, yeah, Quinn hired the most expensive white collar crime lawyers possible and we the tax payers are paying the bills for her and her prices attorneys.

From Albany to City Hall -- thugs -- representing the people of New York and costing us big bucks.

Don't date them or vote for them!

My newest tube:

Suzannah B. Troy

linda said...

THIS GUY IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND SO IS HIS LAWYER FOR DEFENDING HIS "GF" BEATING WAYS! hope the judge throws his ass in jail and he gets bitch smacked!!! wonder how his lawyer sleeps at night? does he have a wife, daughter, mother, sister???

Anonymous said...

If the Senate Dems have any integrity whatsoever they will impeach him and throw him out. Then, they will have the moral authority to push through their legislation.

Anonymous said...

Justice in Amerika is the best system money can buy!

Anonymous said...

His story reminds me of one my mother used to tell me about fanatical Republicans who supported Nixon during Watergate:

If Nixon was standing over a dead body with a smoking gun in his hand, someone would run up to him and say, "Dick, who put that gun in your hand?"

Anonymous said...

Why was Gioia so quick to jump in with a statement? The possibility of Monserrate's seat opening up?

Snake Plissskin said...

This will have no effect on his district. Remember, where most of those people come from, public morality is defined very differently than traditional American values.

Just look at politics (as it is) in their counties.

Add some money to buy adorning fans, party mouthpiece newspapers to photograph them standing seriously behind him, and the photo image is complete.

The cincher, is a moribund women's movement and good government lobby.

In 6 months this will be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before - the fix was in. We all knew that nothing was going to happen to him, hence the trial with NO JURY. The judge was paid to do as he was told. The Dems can't lose that precious seat, so he'll stay where he is. Actually, Albany is the perfect setting for him. He'll feel at home with his fellow criminals (politicians.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Monserrate, but the thought of Eric Gioia salivating for his senate seat gives me pause... Someone put a stake through his heart already!

-Joe said...

At most he will get a court cost fine and anger management class as punishment.
After completing the class they will drop the Misdemeanor charge.

My guess is he will complete the class on his own before going back for sentencing in another back room deal.
This animal is going to be laughing of the courthouse steps

-Joe said...

People shouldnt knock Nixon.
The guy was a great president who had unscripted charactor and VALUES.
Nixon hated tweeds and was very much like most people in Queens at the time

IMO The only mistake Nixon made was having Germans work with the micro electronics of the time.
Nixon should have put his scruples aside and used Japanese.

I remember that witch hunt on TV every night that summer

Taxpayer said...

How much does a judge like that cost?

Anonymous said...

This came as no shock to me. I am so disappointed in our justice system and in our politicians. America....where are we heading?

This guy is a dirt bag and should have been convicted! Shame on the judge. Of course he and his idiot girlfriend are going to lie....did the doctors and nurses have no creditability????

Anonymous said...

No more justice system. Its now a legal system run by lawyers with their dicks and wallets in each others hands.
There was no way the Democrats were going to loose that seat in Albany with a felony conviction.
I wonder how much the DA and Judge was paid or what was "traded" to do such a disgusting move.

This city needs the Feds BAD REAL BAD. The curruption is out of control.
Sadly it wont happen, O'bama wants all Democrats in Albany, he even fights with Paterson
Queens has become worse then Russia and eastern block countrys.

Anonymous said...

re:"his story reminds me ......."
you are in denial!!! you do not get it !!!the one party government that you support is a is corrupt to the are almost as dead as the jim jones,"kool- ade cult!!!

leffler,manes,hevesi,cohen,mcglaughlin,seminerio,friedman,nussbaum,the koch admin.commissioners,(read "city for sale" by Wayne Barret) recent the BX and BKLYN.
wake up you fool!!! this guy slashed her face and you evade the issue???

Anonymous said...

Joe, my mother, a lifelong Republican actually liked Nixon too. Her point was that if you are fanatical enough you will ignore every fact. If you don't like the story, substitute the name of the politico of your choice.

None of them are worth the blind worship their supporters demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

Hymie's legal costs are in excess of $500.000............Where will $$$ come from to pay that bill?

Anonymous said...

It not too late to make this guy miserable. First off womens groups should get in front on this issue if there is to be justice. Demand loudly of your State assembly person and Senator to oust him. Get even louder to insure the judge wets his pants scared, so that he sentences Monoserrat to the maximum jail time. Ruin this guy for good, set examples for other to not follow in his evil actions.