Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hearings and reports before hospitals close

From the Times Ledger:

A bevy of elected officials representing Queens at the city and state level gathered last week outside Jamaica’s Queens Hospital Center to call on Gov. David Paterson to sign a bill that would require the state to notify communities about hospital closings and plan more extensively for the fallout.

The bill, introduced by state Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows), would force the state Health Department to hold public hearings in communities where hospitals were scheduled to be shuttered as well as produce a report on the impact of health care availability following the closures.

Hearings and reports? This is the crap these smiling fools came up with? That'll save a lot of lives...


Anonymous said...

Isn't grotesque they are smiling..?

Missing Foundation said...

ah .... anything about planning for massive inflows of people in areas where infrastructure is falling apart?

The stupidity of the people running Queens is exceeded only by the doormats they govern whom suffer silently.

Anonymous said...

one ponders ,
just which county hospitals and doctors
this group of so-called leaders have been patients of ?

i read that Patterson's wife is on the H.I.P.payroll. was not michelle obama paid $350,000/year by a chicago
hospital. i read that her old position was not filled.

did not former assemb.cohen,( Q ),get paid $150,000/year, by H.I.P.,while being replaced by HEVESI'S son. is that why health care costs are increasing so much?

how about a hearing and investigative report on politician's spouses and siblings scamming the system?no democrats on the jury !! no r's.i.n.o. either.a vote for dictatorship is suicide!!

elect some opposition in n.y.c.and new york state.
maybe the citizens can survive here ,without going broke then.

Anonymous said...

Those are the I'm stealing your money type of smiles!