Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conflict of interest for Bloomberg aide

From the NY Times:

When Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg tapped Maura Keaney this year to run field operations for his re-election bid, the choice seemed reasonable. She had campaigned for him in 2005, then spent three years as a senior aide to City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, supervising legislation, policy and communications.

Ms. Keaney had access to organized labor, a key constituency for any mayoral contender. She had been a political director for a large union, Unite Here, and in recent months has worked to garner labor support for Mr. Bloomberg, just as she did for Ms. Quinn.

A review of her role in Ms. Quinn’s office, though, shows that in one significant episode, Ms. Keaney may have drifted too close to labor, raising money from unions on the speaker’s behalf even as she worked on legislation that affected them: a potential violation of the city’s conflicts of interest law.

And a followup:

When asked Wednesday about the article, Mr. Bloomberg said: “I read it. I haven’t had the time to look into it. But I have a note to do so today.” He explained that he had been a bit distracted on Tuesday because he was preparing for his debate with Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr., before adding a note of caution: “It was something that is alleged to have happened — I don’t know if she was right or wrong.”


What the...? said...

“It was something that is alleged to have happened — I don’t know if she was right or wrong.”

Oh, like bovine Shulman and the Wallets Point illegal lobbying? That turd dictator has no shame! Disgraceful. Progress not politics my ass!

Alan said...

Bloomturd is the King of Hypocrisy. He is demonstrating to me the exact reason why I voted TWICE for term limits.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Bloomberg's response reminds me of something an old bus driver from Brooklyn once said: "...Homina, homina, homina."

Anonymous said...

Maura Keaney broke the law and should go to jail for a very long time. What she did is bribery, pay to play politics at its worst. This kind of corruption needs to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Maura Keney was chased out of the Council because everyone hated her and she was incompetant. She ran Quinns office in what has amounted to be the worst run Speakership ever. Investigations, indictments, scnadals ! What a incompetant loser she is. Now she will be indicted for public corruption. Good riddance !

Anonymous said...

Maura Keeney looks like she came out of a test tube. Maybe one of Quinns "experimental" new Americans ? No wonder she is such a turd. She should do real well in Riker Island. I hear the girls there really like the tough ones. Or does she switch slots and become a lipstick lesbian when she is with some real homey girls. Will Quinn visit her every weekend ? This girl is going to jail for a long time.

Anonymous said...

She will resign, too close to the election for him to care if it is proper or not. If this was in December then she'd have nothing to worry about

Anonymous said...

No third term! Vote him out. Bloombucks is an insult to democracy.

howie the duck said...

she would have nothing to worry about ?

1) Maura Keaney shook down unions (protected under federal labor laws) for $40,000 to get exempted from the pay to play legislation. You dont think that a complaint has already been filed with the U.S. Labor Dept and a request for an immediate investigation ?

2) Maura Keaney clearly violated NYC law which prohbits any public servant from raising money for individuals running for public office in NYC. She will minimally have to pay a fine, she will never be employed by the city again, and she could be charged with a misdemeanor.

3) Maura Keaney coerced the unions to paying $40,000 to get their legislation passed. That moves it from a COIB misdemeanor to a Felony A. Probably four or five felenoy counts (cooercion, violation of the Public Officers, Law, bribery,etc). This is beyond serious.

Taxpayer said...

"...I don’t know if she was right or wrong.”

- - -

He is so arrogant. He would rather claim stupidity than come clean.

He cannot distinguish right from wrong? Then why do we need him?

Dump this impudent little liar.

Use Nov. 3 to take back control.

Don't let this Commissar trick you any more.

Dump him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will let her take her clip board to jail ? Bye, bye Maura. It was nice knowing you. Say hello to Shaniqua who is going to be using the clip board for something other than taking notes.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of staff at the City Council celebrating.

And you think maybe the same way everyone called the newspapers and the federal authorities on Quinn, that maybe the same will happen to Keaney and every dirty deal she was ever involved in will be exposed to the world ?

I think sooooooo !!!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe she could get a cell next to alan hevesi and they could figure out went wrong with his mayoral camapign in 2001 which she ran and he came in last.

Anonymous said...

maybe if she gets indicted and is sitting in jail, maura keaney could ask brian mcglauglin for some hints on how to shake down unions for raeally big bucks, not jusy a measly $40,000

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to Maura. It's too close to election time and Quinn will protect her. Lesbians stick together (literally).

Anonymous said...

ya gotta lov crappy.

this is great stuff!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...
I posted this comment on my blog and basically I saw both Quinn and her aide's activities are criminal -- sure appears that way and sounds like Quinn is using intimidation as usual. She really thinks she is Mike jr. a little emperor. Bloomberg and Quinn have to go.

My newest YouTube and check out the links for The New York Daily News and The WAll St. Journal...two pieces that slam Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess,she prefers the bun to the frankfurter