Tuesday, October 20, 2009

City wins Jamaica water contamination suit vs. Exxon

From NY1:

Exxon Mobil was found liable Monday for polluting the city's ground water.

A jury awarded the city $105 million in its suit against the oil company.

The city sued Exxon Mobil for the cost of removing a gasoline additive from drinking wells in Jamaica, Queens.

It argued the company ignored warnings not to use the additive in areas where groundwater is used for drinking.

Exxon Mobil released a statement after the verdict saying they were not the source of the contamination, and they will weigh their legal options.


Anonymous said...

Good luck collecting that money from Exxon. They haven't paid out, not even one thin dime for their Exxon Valdez Alaskan Adventure. In fact after the insurance payouts and Bush tax incentives they actually made quite a bit on money for destroying a perfect piece of the Earth. Remember that the next time you need to fill up your gas tank.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the ten zillion gallons of petroleum still under Greenpoint since Granny's day.

Anonymous said...

"drill,drill,drill" by Sarah Palin,The National Review.

the Opec gang hate these words.if our senate/cong. gang would stop kissing the "greenies" a--es ,the U.S.A. would have our own oil/gasoline,at cheaper cost.
months ago when gasoline reached $4.00/gal., the public outcry to Wash.D.C.,flooded the lines to schumer,gillibrand and ackerman. hints of drill,drill were spoken,opec wised-up and lowered the prices.

the last thing they want is U.S.A. oil drilling.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Drill,drill,drill.
Please tell us all what's it like being a happy idiot?

Anonymous said...

where is your logical argument ?

did you know that al gore is a major stockholder in Occidental Oil Corp.,the former U.S.S.R.(union of soviet "socialist" russia.his father and armand hammer were very close to stalin.stalin ranks with mao ,as top mass murderers of the 20th century.the "greenie windmills", that were forbidden near the Kennedy compound at cape cod,will be placed on randall's island. adjacent to the n.y.s.hospital for the criminally insane!!!!

oil keeps most of the U.S.population warm in winter.solar is not efficient in the north. drill,drill!!!