Friday, October 9, 2009

Bloomie extends war on obesity to park animals

I've been exchanging e-mails with Scott from You're a Disgrace Mayor Bloomberg. I sent him this photo with the following caption:

There are 4 things in this photo that Bloomberg absolutely hates:

1) Trans fats
2) Urban wildlife
3) Expectant mothers
4) Trees

But then Scott kicked it up a notch:

On the heels of banning most bake sales in New York City's public schools, Mayor Bloomberg is taking his fight against urban obesity to a new, and some say, bizarre level. The Mayor's office just announced that the next target in the war against sugars and trans fats is the City's abundant park animal life.

"The animals living in New York City's parks, the squirrels, birds, raccoons, etc., have an open invitation to the biggest buffet in the world," the Mayor said at a press briefing."But, as many of us who live here can attest, they are also among the fattest and laziest."

The program is still in development, but it will include an anti-littering campaign, increased street trash pick-ups, and a calorie-labeling program based on the initiative launched last year for New York's human residents.


Anonymous said...

When the squirrel was asked if he would vote for Bloomtard, the small furry creature responded, "FAT CHANCE!!!"

Taxpayer said...

Isn't it obvious to all NYC voters that the Commissar is a raving madman?

The only reason this power crazed imbecile isn't already in a straightjacket is because there isn't one crooked enough to fit this dwarf-sized swindler.

Let's fatten ourselves on Nov. 3.

Let's all feast on the sight of this Commissar leaving town in a tantrum.

Dump the turd!

Anonymous said...

It's been obvious for a long time that Bloomberg is out of touch with NYC but now it's reached clinical proportions...psychosis!

He's out of his mind!

Germany once had an insane leader of its 3rd Reich.

New York doesn't need its 5' 7" Reich's Fuhrer dominating it for 4 more years!

Rocky the Flying Squirrel said...

Bloomberg? There is ONE nut that I won't eat!!! Right Bullwinkle?

Anonymous said...

It's probably a novel way to remind people that we are feeding the rats and the flying rats.