Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloomberg vows to fire commissioners - if re-elected

From the NY Post:

If he wins a third term, Mayor Bloomberg says he's going to fire about a half-dozen underperforming commissioners.

Okay, so if they've been underperforming for a while now, then why do they still have their jobs? For example, Nazli's been throwing gutterballs for years now, so why does she still make 6 figures?

Photo from the Public Art Network


Anonymous said...

Get rid of Kelly,the miromanaging meglomaniac and re-hire Bill Bratton!

Taxpayer said...

There's a better way to guarantee the firing of all the lousy commissioners - including Parvizi, shown in the photo demonstrating her catering skills:

Dump the lying midget!

He kept them until now, fully knowing how incompetent they are, so why would anyone believe he would fire them if he's given one more minute?

Dump the liar!

Take back control!

Show the Commissar who's the boss!

Piss on him when you have the chance!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Well, that will certainly encourage people to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Because hizzoner likes ex caterer Natzli's "pastry puffs"!

Anonymous said...

How about firing yourself Douche-berg?

Anonymous said...

Why is CB#7's Marilyn Bitterman making over $80,000 and Claire Shulman earning about $250,000?

And so on and so forth...yadda, yadda, yadda, etc.

Overpaid for under performing!

Chris said...

thats a very good point!

Anonymous said...

During the NY1 debate, Bloomtard scoffed at Thompson when he suggested the very same thing! Anyone else catch that?

Anonymous said...

As a person on Public assistance...I would fire Commish Doar of HRA and his buddy seth Diamond for wasting millions of dollar each year maybe tens of millions

The main purpose of the Back to work program is to babysit welfare recipients...they refuse to give out training grants even though they have plenty and obama is giving them 2400 more for next year..

And if you question them they try and kick you off assistance if you don't want to go after menial jobs.. because you have a 4 year degree and had good jobs, and have no experience with a cash register.

I was sick to my stomach going in there everyday.

We need a Huge change in Attitude from the top...people need help not harassment because they filed for assistance.

Be nice, offer us some upgrading of our skills, and most importantly offer a a workfare job that has something to do with our resume.

Commish Doar is being paid $187,500 for this colossal failure and refusal to change even though Gottbaum,Community voices and even the city auditor knows its a waste of taxpayers money

-Joe said...

Shulman gets $250,000 a year from her do nothing title ?
I thaught it was around 120K
Sh*t this likley doesnt include all the perks & unscrupulous developer bagged cash !

BTW: That girl bowling looks like a butch Lez. Thats a hell of a way for a lady Hell of a way to dress in pubic.
I see the Mayor has bad taste in women as well.
BTW: Some of here demented letters related to her job--what a joke.
Her (Parvizi) work sucks as bad as the rest of them

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bloomberg is acting like he is not in office yet, and is making promises of change once he's in office. It doesn't make any sense to wait until after an election to remove people not performing up to an acceptable level. If he does not realize he is already in office and can make the changes now than he's been there too long and should be replaced by someone else.