Friday, May 1, 2009

Youngest council member settles in

From the Queens Courier:


georgetheatheist said...

Eric. Either grow out the beard or scrape-off the 5 o'clock shadow. Look what happened to Nixon. (Or keep it for 3-4 days and it's the grizzled Italian actor look!-Mastroianni/Giannini)

Taxpayer said...

"... the fresh-faced Republican recognizes the fragility of his tenure, which could be terminated in November’s general election."

He realizes how fragile?

Then why would he be so enthusiastic about endorsing the Commissar running on the Republican line?

When was the last time the Commissar was a Republican? Or even a Democrat? The Commissar and Benedict Arlen (Magic Bullet theory) Specter both view party and voters simply as hurdles to overcome to fulfill a personal ambition.

Eric had my support until the moment he joined Ragusa in kissing the Commissar's ass.

He doomed his own re-election chances. And the Commissar will never even remember his name.

Anonymous said...

He'll be history soon...
along with Ragusa!

Phil's a dinosaur awaiting fossilization!

Anonymous said...

Eric needs the 5 o'clock shadow. He's trying to prove he's old enough to shave. He's counting on Bloomy to fund him and get him reelected so he'll do anything for Bloomy.

Anonymous said...

I want to get my eyebrows like his.

Neanderthal Man said...

I bet you he's got hair up and down his back.

Anonymous said...

Before you start making assumptions regarding his political career, how about giving him a chance. He knows he doesn't have a lot of time to prove himself, but perhaps that's a good thing.

Democrate from Queens said...

You people are mean with the personal comments. Even though he's a republican I think you should give him a chance.

Queens Crapper said...

What's a Democrate?

Anonymous said...

Eric Ulrich is a two-faced political opportunist who can't keep his mouth shut. He even pissed off people in Alabama. Check out elizabeth Benjamin's NY Daily Politics Blog

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would people in Alabama care about a councilperson in NYC?

They must not have a lot to do down there.

Anonymous said...

very nice presentation. eric seems to take this position very seriously and realizes that that he has a responsibility to his constituency. good luck eric, sorry that i dont live in your district.

Anonymous said...

He looks like the villian from "Heroes", Silar.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"Before you start making assumptions regarding his political career, how about giving him a chance. He knows he doesn't have a lot of time to prove himself, but perhaps that's a good thing."

How can it be a "good thing" that Eric doesn't have a lot of time to prove himself?

Are you aware that more time would reveal some serious problems with Eric?

Why does any politician need to have a "chance"? Every candidate needs to be prepared and competent for the job he/she is seeking. Every candidate must be fully capable of successfully accomplishing all the responsibilities of the office he/she is energetically campaigning for.

So, the "chance" to judge a candidate is when he/she is a candidate, not after we foolishly elect him/her because we like his/her clothes, looks, smile, and all the other campaign qualities.

The moment a politician takes the oath of office, we must be suspicious of every action taken and every position taken or evaded.

Actually, we must be suspicious of anyone who even announces an interest in any elected office. We have far too much to lose if we "fall in love" with any politician.

We just can't be too judgmental.

As for Eric, the very moment he showed his hand by kissing the Commissar's ass, he doomed himself forever with me. No comeback. He showed that he, like the Commissar himself, Benedict Arlen Specter, and Jumpin' Jim Jeffords and others who left the party to nurture a personal ambition, he is just another unprincipled hack who's in this for himself and the money.

That's what becomes of people who put themselves in the care of the likes of "Build-a-Gigantic-House" Como, and "I Can't Even Remember My Own Name" Maltese.

Stay alert for the soon-to-be-announced appointment for Como. This "Republican" will be appointed to a big-ticket job by the no-longer-Republican Commissar Death and Taxes. Neither will care that he is unqualified for the job. This is all about money and power. Who else is supposed to pay for the monstrosity he built? Do you believe he should pay for this out of his own pocket when there are so many other pockets (yours) available.

Use November 3 to take control back.

Mike said...

Wait until the "youngest council member settles into" a nice investigation regarding illegal fundraising practices. Eric won't be able to use the "I'm young and stupid" defense for illegalling providing cash to individuals in exchange for checks. You see eric, people have to "want" yo donate to you with their "OWN" money. You cant give them money and then ask them to write you a check. That is ILLEGAL.