Friday, May 1, 2009

Brooklyn vs. Queens: Political reporting

Political reporting in Queens:

It's a long way from the Queens gigs Congressmember Joseph Crowley has been playing since he was a toddler barely able to hold a guitar in Elmhurst to the world acclaimed Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, but the lawmaker made the transition flawlessly one recent evening in pursuit of his great love of music and country.

Crowley (D- Queens/The Bronx) appeared at the performing arts center in the nation's capital, where the greatest entertainers in the nation are honored annually, with several colleagues, members of the Congressional Music Caucus and award-winning musicians to launch the caucus and the recently enacted national service initiative for artists sponsored by Crowley.

Political reporting in Brooklyn:

More than one person confided to the Politicrasher that Lander wouldn’t get their votes because, like Zuckerman and Heyer, he’s supporting DeBlasio in his run for public advocate.

And in some circles of Carroll Gardens, DeBlasio is persona non grata, because of his alleged coziness with developers.

Tough crowd.

Wherever there is a smoke-filled backroom or a smoke-free barroom, The Brooklyn Paper’s Politicrasher will be there, bringing you the inside dope on our next generation of leaders.

Notice a difference?


georgetheatheist said...

Crapper, Pol Position in Sanchez' rag (The Ledge) shows some moxie. Barsamian of the Gazette just wants to get invited to the free buffet line.

Queens Crapper said...

Pol Position makes absolutely no sense most of the time. he's more apt to make fun of an outfit someone wore than the stupid legislation they come up with,

Anonymous said...

the lawmaker made the transition flawlessly one recent evening in pursuit of his great love of music and country.

How nice, now if only he could flawlessly represent us in Elmhurst on the huge amount of serious issues that go unattended while he plays a banjo in DC to the strain of deliverance exactly what his consituants receive back home form him?

If only he put in as much efforts back home for Elmhurst as he does wining and dining with chesty lobbyiests from Forest City development Corp. Remember last year when this 6'4" Dem leaped over aisles and knocked down small children - all to be in a photo op with and obtain an autograph from then Republican Pres. George Bush?

Crowley works your Gov. for himself - put him on the spot sak him and write to him or Marge Markey to provide services - nada nada - never a response back - markley especially shirks her responsibilities. At Least Rep Crowley can be founds pictured playing your favorite banjo song for your benefit!!

Anonymous said...

The average Queens "Jack 'n Jill" cares little and takes little notice of what's happening around them (until it's right at their front door) as long as their tulips come up in the Spring and their lawn doesn't die out in the Fall!

They rely upon the weekly press
to keep them abreast of important events and occurrences!

In Brooklyn "Jack 'n Jill" is much more street smart and on the game
from the get-go!

Anonymous said...

I don't kind him playing guitar and allocating recreation time.

But I do mind his "picks" for judges posts and endorsements of ass kissers.

He also won't unite the Queens caucus in the City Council to bounce Quinn.

Just because she's irish doesn't mean you got to turn a blind eye

Anonymous said...

'Honest Joe' Crowley is a joke.

It is inexcusible the way that Manton gave him the job making a mockery of the election process.

This man has done nothing except making a tiresome fool of himself singing at tendious Democratic functions (like that wild party the press never reported where Monster-rat cut up his girlfriend)

He cares nothing about preservation (like that letter lying to the constituent on landmarking), and makes empty promises (like 'helping' the owner of a historic building in his district - he got the press saying he would help - then stood in the background when a federal agency rejected his request - on the basis that the location had no space for a parking lot!)

Can someone tell us anything significant this guy did?

For Chistssake, I am tired of these weeklies saying Crowley did this or Crowley did that (always accompanied by a beaming photo of the Congressman) when I did ... shit.

Anonymous said...

If there is a consenses - Crowley does nothing for us. Let find someone who respects us and our issues. Where did the Obmama money go - to keep open St Johns? No Crowley barely attend ralleys to save the darn place.

Anonymous said...

If there is a consenses - Crowley does nothing for us. Let find someone who respects us and our issues.


You got to tear down "Honest Joe" Crowley first - with the unions, the papers, and the developer money flowing into his coffers, no one will run against him.

Typical Queens. We need a hero. Everthing will be ok and we dont need to exert ourselves.

We got one. His name is Bloomberg.

Paula Abdul said...

Joe Crowley is a Singing Fool. Manton gave him the seat ( not elected) and he just gave Dendekker the seat(not elected).
He is the Head of the most corrupt, useless, egotistical,
asses in the United States. Maybe
if he gets singing lessons, grows more hair and doesn't stutter, he could play at Jones Beach Theater. The only problem is that the seagulls screams would get more applause then his singing. Crowley should help Global Warming by stop singing.