Saturday, May 16, 2009

Woman scammed immigrants

From the Daily News:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Wednesday sued a Queens businesswoman accused of running an immigration scam that defrauded more than a dozen immigrants out of thousands of dollars.

Miriam Mercedes Hernandez promised her unwitting victims help in securing permanent residence and assured them she had the connections necessary to get them proper legal documents, Cuomo said.

Charging up to $15,000 for her services, Hernandez, 55, delivered on none of her promises, the complaint, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges.


Anonymous said...

So, illegals get scammed and file charges against scammer. I find this hilarious. And now of course the illegals who have made themselves known as such to the court don't get deported, right?

Come here illegally + do something illegal but turn scammer in to the authorities = no consequences of you being here illegally.

In my world the scammed illegals would have gotten a "too bad, so sad" followed by immediate deportation.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, in reading this and other articles about this incident, I got the impression that she defrauded people who were here on temporary visas that wanted to stay permanently.

Anonymous said...

In other words

When C.M. Harrison used this phrase to describe Asian "snake-heads" etc. of preying on their own countrymen
she was branded a "racist" by the New York Times in a transparently obvious "put-up article"!

Then the political machine, which included Brian Mc Laughlin, tore into her to complete the vilification process.

It looks like she'd hit the nail right on the head!

Anonymous said...

I thought only us horrid blue-eyed devils did this to the poor immigrants. I thought their own defended them against the sins of the evil white man, and held their hands in multicultural unity, for a chorus of We Shall Overcome.

Anonymous said...

Criminals always go after their own kind first because they are more likely to be trusted by them.

The first rule of con-artistry is to go after victims who would be afraid or embarrassed to complain. If they put me on her jury, I will gladly put her in jail and throw away the key, and I won't let any racial ideas stop me either.

Anonymous said...

No you are wrong, it's the white people, it is ALWAYS the white people!!!!!

linda said...

wonder is she here legally? throw her ass in jail, so she can become someones bitch. sick of reading about the illegals and the scam artist, either throw their asses in jail or deport them already.

Anonymous said...

I'm angry! I'm SOOO ANGRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

If all immigrants reported the crimes committed against them,bloomturd would hang himself or abolish sometimes see the qualifier after the reports "of all reported crimes".