Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coyotes scaring the bejesus out of Bronxites

From the Riverdale Press:

Each year when the weather warms and more early risers go strolling, the animals are seen wandering outside of the large wooded areas they call home in and around Riverdale, offering a taste of the wild to city-dwellers more accustomed to pigeons than scavenging canines.

Parks officials believe there are coyote dens in Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. The animals generally don’t pose a threat to people, experts say.

Coyotes don’t necessarily need to live in wooded areas like parks, though, and have been known to go from yard to yard in the Bronx, hunting small animals like mice and rabbits, authorities say.


Anonymous said...

Get a couple of roadrunners to distract them.

ew-3 said...

"hunting small animals like mice and rabbits, authorities say."

authorities don't mention pets like cats and small dogs because the authoritites would have to get off their butts and get rid of them. BTW - when rabid coyotes have been know to attack humans.

Anonymous said...

Tough to get rid of them when fresh ones can drift right down from Westchester.

Keep your pets where you can protect them.

Anthony Kiedis said...

Real men don't,
kill coyotes...

Anonymous said...

I love when I hear of wildlife in NYC.. there should be more of it. As long as their not a threat to humans why bother them? This was their home originally.

Taxpayer said...

What's the difference between an unleashed coyote (canine) and an unleashed pitbull, Rottweiler or Doberman?

Answer: No difference at all.

The Commissar, and his lickspittles Frieden and Benepe wanted to unleash the predators onto the public in parks throughout the city.

So, what's the problem with unleashed coyotes (canines)? Or, are you just playing us?

Eh Commissar? Eh, Benepe? Eh, Frieden?

-Joe said...

They are getting brave and not scared of people and cars.

I had these bastards when I lived in California. They can drag a screaming 90 lb pet pig over a 6 fence + 1/2 mile into the woods to kill it no problem.
A cat, dog, small child or Mexican is easy prey

At night they have been crossing the Throggs Neck Bridge in packs to hunt in Whitestone and Bayside.
This has been going on for over a year.

I found one in Mattituck checking out my Chickens --I did the right thing.
They are also where Mexicans are living in the woods throwing garbage and cutting up Deer carcassas (South Hampton)

I think some wolf lover nut is even going around releasing them.


Anonymous said...

I hope that no one would be insane enough to intentionally release them. I've been told that they follow old railroad right of ways from Westchester down to the Bronx.

Perhaps some of them could be trapped and relocated away from people, but loss of wariness in any wild animal is a problem. They are not so cute when they eat you.

-Joe said...

They are not so cute when they eat you.
Yep, the Alpha shows up and takes the first bite the 7 more come out the bushes and tear you apart ---emmm alive.
Unlike tigers who go for the neck arterys (quick kill).

These things go for the organs-intestines --they eat you wile your alive.
Ive seen these things with bright blood red faces in the spring when they constantly hunt to feed the young.
(like now)

They are in both Whitestone and Throggs Neck by the fort and along Waters Edge Drive at night

ew-3 said...

Joe - Glad to see someone has some common sense about these critters. I've lived with them in New Mexico and now again up here in MA.
People that think these are the same as domestic dogs have no clue. Domestic jobs don't kill to eat. Domestic dogs rarely have rabis. You don't want them in your neighborhood.

-Joe said...

they follow old railroad right of ways
Thats making sense, The Whitestone has bits of an old old ROW and some trails

MA even has them across the widest man made Canal in the World--Cape Cod

They are as far south as Falmouth, spotted on the "Shining Sea" bike trail
behind my Aunts house.
You can clearly see thr trail cut back into the old main tracks

That Bike trail was the old railroad ROW.
It goes from the Woods Hole ferry, along Trunk Beach then north to the Canal Railroad Bridge.
If you bike at night with a lamp you can see the F_ing sets of eyeballs looking back sizing you its real freaky.

You can see the ROW on Google Earth

Anonymous said...

I did not know about the Railroad right of ways in Queens, the information about coyotes following the railroad tracks from Westchester into Van Cortland park came from Park rangers who work there.

I am shocked to find out they are that aggressive. I had always been told that they feared people and ate small game such as moles, voles, shrews. So much for that theory.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"I am shocked to find out they are that aggressive. I had always been told that they feared people and ate small game such as moles, voles, shrews. So much for that theory."

- - -

What about the sow-sized shrew like Speaker Quinn?

If she perceives the danger, she'll propose a law to set aside a season for coyote hunting here in the city.

Rifles, pistols, shotguns, bow and arrow, and all the other weapons.

But, she will never consider a requiring that the coyote of other dangerous canines be leashed at all times.

Perhaps a coyote run for these canines? Eh? They are beautiful animals, ya know.

Billie said...

I JUST saw one in Kissena Park in Flushing Queens. My Boyfriend was taking my home really late (3am) and he was driving by the side of the park and saw one. I didnt believe him, so he turned around and there it was right at the edge of the park. Crazy, I never thought I'd see a coyote in flushing.