Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When the walls come tumbling down

I like how the Bloomberg commercial precedes this disaster.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...


I was trying to find that best place to post this so I picked the collapse. Please watch my youtube on The New York Post article "City is Facing Payout Doom"
$43 Billion hole could destroy budget

and Hired Consultants: Invest in...us
about in 2008 NYCERS paid 9 consultants 3 million but the article points out the highest paid consultant scandal linked Pacific Corp. group manages a fund that hold 90 million -- the link has the rest of the conflict of interest, article that is.

I have many more links in the text portion of the youtube and they feel to me to be more scandalous if that is possible. Along time ago I wrote a short story "Chopping the Street" about white collar crime being above the law and if & when they do get busted it costs the tax payers big bucks to prosecute them but it this case this may just get swept under the rug kind of like the Christine Quinn slushgate scandal where to add insult to injury NYC tax payers had to pay for top lawyers to defend Quinn and her staff but it seems, um, well forgotten...do you remember reading anything about what happened to the slush money....????

Go and read one or as many links as you can on the pension scandal involving managing the pension money and by the time you get to true new and the new york times links you learn it is not just New York.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize collapsing buildings are no longer unusual? That tells us something right there.