Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LIC may get less frequent trash collection

From the Queens Chronicle:

The city is considering reducing the number of weekly garbage pickups in parts of Long Island City from three times a week to twice a week, according to a Sanitation Department employee who spoke at the Community Board 2 meeting on May 7.

The employee, who declined to be named, said community members would probably not receive much advance notice from the Sanitation Department if the decision is made to alter trash collection services.

“They don’t let you know about anything until a week beforehand,” he said.

Sanitation would not confirm whether it is considering changing Long Island City’s collection schedule, but according to spokesman Matthew Lipani, “the department is looking into several areas across the city where the level of collection services in certain parts of the district don’t conform to the rest of the district for no apparent reason.”
Build towers, cut back on services. Makes sense.


Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoA----and why were THEY getting garbage collection 3 times/week ? Twice a weeks been good eough for us over here in astoria/lic vicinity,large apartment houses,over development and all. Filthy ? you bet.
Who'd they know ?

PizzaBagel said...

I can see it now. The homeowners get no notice about one weekly garbage collection being discontinued. They put out their trash, as per schedule, and -- voila! -- they are ticketed for having put it out too early. Nice little windfall for the city. Has it been budgeted already?

Anonymous said...

three times a week, we get only twice a week here in maspeth. what the hell do they have in LIC, i guess with all those aptment bldgs and condos there's alot of garbage...

Anonymous said...

2x a week here in Glendale as well.

This should have been the first item up on the chopping block.

Instead we get closed hospitals, increased property tax, increased water bills, and increased subway fares.

Anonymous said...

3x a week??? Holy shit, how much stuff can you throw out?

Anonymous said...

Wow the jealousy runs rampant here. When you live in a more afluent are you get better service. No news there.

Anonymous said...

No not "better" services, more frequent services as related to density. The projects get their garbage collected 3x a week too!

Anonymous said...

From DOS' website:

"The Department provides regularly scheduled curbside and containerized refuse collection services for every residential household, public school, public building and many large institutions in New York City. Curbside sites are collected either two or three times per week and containerized sites are collected from one to three times per week, depending upon individual need, which is based on population density."

HA HA HA HA so much for affluence.