Friday, May 15, 2009

We've been waterboarded again...

From the Daily News:

New Yorkers will get soaked with a 12.9% jump in their water rates and tough new penalties for broken water meters, a city board ordered Friday morning.

The rate hike takes effect July 1, making it the third double-digit rate hike in a row - and creating an issue that could rile middle-class homeowners in the months before the fall elections.

"Enough is enough," City Council Finance Committee Chairman David Weprin (D-Queens) told the Water Board, saying the city needs to do more to cut costs. "These water rate hikes have amounted to nothing more than a backdoor property tax increase."


Anonymous said...

This is nuts!! Cut costs elsewhere - sure that there is tremendous waste in the watershed budget that can be slashed. How can we the people review what the city spends @ detail level on DEP. How about ending vehicule purchases and having employees reimbuse city for personal usage.

Anonymous said...


-Joe said...

Its Going to get much worse like this.
Those unused spare rooms and bathrooms in many Queens basements may be next. Be prepaired to have tweeds forced into your own home !
The Gov will soon be out of $$ to pay for them.

Obama is hinting the USA is going to repudiate its national debt."

I beleive this is a hint to the world that the USA has reached a point where it can no longer repay our debt.
The only other choice I see is insane taxes on EVERYTHING or putting entire city sized propertys up for collateral or sale.

The Chinese already have GM in the bag and are licking their chopsticks.

---no joke

Anonymous said...

Stop giving all the higher ups raises and then the water bills won't be increased. Water is a necessity and we shouldn't have to pay for it. We never paid for it years ago. It's just another tax on residents. With all the money we pay out, the water should be the one thing that should be free.

linda said...

wow more and more we are getting hit in nyc.. and then tenants will complain that we have to raise their rents. and this dumb ass mayor wants to raise gas, get rid of this bum already, someone stop him before he totally destroys nyc... no one will want to shop, no one will want to come to nyc on vacation and more stores will shut down.

Anonymous said...

So the DEP , the mayor, and environmentalists want us to stop wasting water. The public does its part, but as a result, revenues fall, so they have to raise the rate to make up for the "loss". THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!!
It's just another way to tax us out of our minds!!!!!!