Sunday, May 10, 2009

Queens residents sue City over 2007 flooding

From the Daily News:

A group of Queens residents whose homes were ruined during the 2007 floods have slapped the city with a class action lawsuit saying it failed to properly maintain its sewer system.

The August 2007 downpour sent rainwater and untreated sewage into scores of homes, including Bruce Saffran's Forest Hills apartment.

He estimates he lost more than $80,000 in the flood.

More than a dozen people have signed onto the lawsuit, which is potentially open to hundreds of flood victims.


Anonymous said...

It is about time! Those people have been ignored for years while their homes and property have been and will continue to get damaged. Mayor Bloomberg should take or ask for money to fix their sewer system. If it were his richy rich friends, I am sure they would not have to waited so long. VOTE THE ASSHOLE BLOOMBERG OUT IN NOVEMBER!

Anonymous said...


Write letters to the paper asking city council why they want 100,000 of more poeple in NYC which will make this a bigger problem.

Send a copy to Crappie.

Anonymous said...

God I hope they win-even though it's gonna cost all of us money in the end.