Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Problems continue in Forest Hills


There's another illegal construction going on in Forest Hills. At 110-40 63rd Road, there is a expansion project going on right now. There are several workers, without protective helmets and equipment, working on the roof and rear of the house, expanding it into the next McMansion here.

When I called 311, the operator told me that there were already complaints logged in and sure enough, the operator was right.

Looks like the "publicity" to this issue is finally galvanizing the community.

-Matches Malone


Anonymous said...

Where do the council candidates stand on this issue? Ms. Chain? Mr. Cohen?

Anonymous said...


there is a pemit on this job leave these people alone.

Queens Crapper said...

The first complaint was made 4/29; permit was issued 5/12. Why isn't the permit posted on site and why aren't the workers wearing appropriate protective gear?

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This is an big issue but no any trying to solve it.

Oh god!

Anonymous said...

Where do the candidates stand on the issues..........Let's ask them...Mr. Cohen is too busy asking Alan Hevesi for his marching orders to care, and Ms.Chain is too busy illegally using city time for campaign purposes to even care.

Anonymous said...

...and Ms.Chain is too busy illegally using city time for campaign purposes to even care.

Nice one! She is constantly on the phone (usually more than 5 times a day) with the NYPD from work, being a pain in the ass to PBQN and the 112. Get those phone records! God knows what else she does for her campaign. Department of Finance, take notice! This wouldn't be tolerated in any other agency. And, why is she allowed to continue too serve as Community Council President, this is a conflict of interest!

Anonymous said...

oh my god!! someones building!! no!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you questioning Ms. Chain & Mr. Cohen. This is not in Melinda Katz's district.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Attacking Council candidates for not protesting in another district

Bunch of posers out to get Heidi and Mike