Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Luck of the Irish may not apply to Brian

From the NY Post:

Crooked ex-pol Brian McLaughlin may get hammered harder than he expected.

Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan yesterday warned he's considering an "upward departure" from sentencing guidelines that recommend eight to 10 years behind bars for the former labor leader and ex-Democratic assemblyman from Queens.

McLaughlin faces charges including racketeering that could send him away for 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Well...with a judge named Sullivan handing down his sentence...
Brian can't complain about any anti Irish prejudice.

But now that they've caught the "big fish" let's see some of those little ones in the tank too!

Anonymous said...

From the great film classic the "Maltese Falcon"...
Humphrey Bogart to Mary scene:

"Now don't be're taking the fall"!

Anonymous said...

Watch for dirt coming out on the Crowleys, Vallones, Maltese and... stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

This is getting better than those daytime "soaps"!

You think the Staviskys will have their own program running tomorrow?

Stay tuned ladies and gents...but now a word from our sponsor "The Parkside Group"!

Anonymous said...

That smart judge is squeezin' Brian's nuts a little harder because the union thug is holding out on giving up some of his big political accomplices' names.

As soon as Brian complies by singing those high notes
the bench will cut some years off his sentence.

C'mon Brian let's hear it in the key of "C" major!


Anonymous said...

almost the same hairdo (but a little thinner) and pose as the "dapper don" Gotti!

I wonder if Brian was ever a junior "Westie".

Nah...not enough balls...just a cheap extortionist!

Anonymous said...

"I might dance but I'll neva sing ya dirty mugs"

Anonymous said...

Think about the potential diversionary tactic of a judge imposing this long prison term.

All of the other perps get off free while we're all busy jumping for joy that "biggie" Brian got nailed.

Another carefully orchestrated smokescreen conducted by the clubhouse?


Their tentacles reach everywhere!

And just who are all those other vermin that didn't get sentenced (or even indicted) that are still running around town nibbling away at the cheese (our tax money) h-m-m-m ?

Anonymous said...

Tune in tomorrow...same time...same station!

"Only the Shadow knows for sure"!

Anonymous said...'s Lamont Kranston!
(A little broadcast esoterica).

Taxpayer said...

Their tentacles may reach everywhere, but, it's McLaughlin's testicles that are about to be hammered.

He will be a soprano pronto!

Castrati are lovely singers. Watch out all you lowlifes who cavorted with him.

Tadalafil said...

Honesty is the best policy!

Anonymous said...

And a one and a two and a.... Come on Brian -- give us a song. Belt out a big one. Your ship is sinking. Time to drag the rest of the rats down with you to drown together. I hope the judge keeps his promise and adds on lots of extra time. Watch Brian sing. This truly is better than a soap opera. Hopefully this will give the voters ammunition on Election Day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Carolyn Daly could give the judge a blowjob and get Brain off. Then again, that may make the judge give McGlauhlin the death penalty.

georgetheatheist said...

You must mean Lamont Cranston. (Definitely not Ralph Kramden.)

[Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men?]