Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parks after phony Coney concert promoter

From the NY Post:

Phil Fiumano, 45, has allegedly begun accepting $125 deposits from local bands willing to lock up space for a 10-day "summer-concert series" he's illegally promoting along the boardwalks of Coney Island and Staten Island's South Beach.

Bands willing to shell out the deposit and remaining $100 are promised hour-long sets, which Fiumano in ads says he'll "film in front of beach goers" and package as music videos. He also says he'll air performances on his show, "New York Rocks," a cult favorite on public-access cable TV in Staten Island and Manhattan.

But Fiumano needs city permits he hasn't obtained to stage the public concerts, and Parks Department officials said they'd never issue them.

They said Parks patrol officers would now be on the lookout for Fiumano and could hit both the promoter -- and even the bands -- with hefty fines for illegal vending, unauthorized noise, unauthorized commercial cinematic production and other violations should they set up on the city-owned boardwalks or beaches.

1 comment:

-Joe said...

Pure 100% discrinination by the city and parks. They should be sued !!

Lets start:
How the City can call filming for public acess Television a commercial cinematic production ?

How is it guitar bands can never get a permits yet Tweeds can get permits for annoying Latin dance music in Queens parks ?

All summer long every Saturday there is a HUGE racket of thumping Trinidad music in the park acroos from King of Corona.
You cant even talk or have your order heard.

If Tweeds can get permits for truckloads of sound gear why cant 3 guys with battery operated stuff ?

Small electronic drum kit, small battery amps. Its it because its American R&B, Motown, Rockibilly and not "multicultural"

These tweeds in JH and Corona run 5000 watt arrays of sub woofers and full range speakers.
Far more SPL then any rock band.
A city electrician sent to make sure they have enough electricity.
There is also dancing, beer, lots of drunkeness, massive littering.

The Salsa blasts and all its piercing Brass instriments is louder then The Who's backline from the front row at MSG.

God forbid some white guys want a permit to play some Motown or Blues on battery operated amps