Monday, May 18, 2009

Nazli tramples on 1st amendment again

From the NY Times:

Mr. Esposito turned to the sign-in table. As he leaned over, he said, he felt a tap on his shoulder. This is how Mr. Esposito remembers the exchange:

“Gerry Esposito?” the man said.

“Yes,” Mr. Esposito said.

“Don’t bother looking for your name,” the man said.

“Excuse me,” Mr. Esposito said. “Who are you?”

His name was George Torres, another mayoral aide, who worked with community boards in the Bronx.

“You’ve been disinvited,” Mr. Torres said.

“Why?” Mr. Esposito said.

“You know what you did,” Mr. Torres responded. By Mr. Esposito’s undisputed account, Mr. Torres said he had been barred on the orders of Nazli Parvizi, the city’s commissioner for community affairs. Ms. Parvizi did not respond to a request for comment, but the mayor’s office said officials had decided that Mr. Esposito was a threat to order.

Several days earlier, Mr. Esposito had sent an e-mail message to the other 58 community board managers in the city, the last bastion of local government. The boards have yearly budgets of $189,000 each, but they face the same cuts of 5 percent as most city agencies.

All community board managers had been invited to the mayor’s presentation in the Fort Washington Armory, but Mr. Esposito said he suspected that more than a few would skip making the trip to Upper Manhattan.

“Perhaps we should attend to let our voices be heard about the cuts!” he wrote in his e-mail message. “What do people think?”

I know what I think: The mayor, his caterer and the entire CAU have to go.


Anonymous said...

Nazli proved she is a nazi when she ordered her staff to tell Esposito to get the "L" out!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Taxpayer said...

What more could be expected from a lickspittle trained in a nation that is part of the "axis of evil"?

She has been trained as a terrorist in a nation that has no concept of individual citizen's rights.

Naturally, once here, she would gravitate right into the orbit of the Commissar, a jackbooted thug who demands that we all worship his existence, but otherwise stay the hell out of his sight.

Her only non-lethal skill being catering, details of the Bill of Rights easily escape her understanding - or concern.

So, when her Commissar master commands that she silence those who threaten his life by writing an email that encourages his Community Board colleagues to join him in making their voices heard, her trained terror instincts kicked in.

So she jumped into the Commissar's jackboots to crush the voice of the man who disagrees with the Commissar.

Gerry Esposito better keep his eyes open. This terrorist may fulfill her Commissar's wish by an effort to deny his right to life.

Remember, this moron caterer is a danger to men with the first name "Gerry".

Do we need to end this reign of terror?

You know we must!

Then eliminate her and the Commissar from our payroll on November 3. Let her return to catering events for her terror network!

Take back control on November 3.

Until then, heckle this turtle-faced thug everywhere he goes! You are HIS master! Tell him YOU are the boss.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Let us see, hmmm, the USA was founded by trouble makers...At least Mike Bloomberg did not send his special NYPD unit as well...the story is very disturbing and unAmerican.

That being said when NYU was tearing down St. Ann's Church, I would go to community board meetings and say NO, there are too many dorms and too many bars -- this is in the East Village and the community board chair and manager never stated for the record it should be noted the community board chair owns 10 or 11 bars which by the way is also a conflict of interest since night life is possible the no. 1 complaint.
Community boards are the most undemocratic part of city government from my experience dealing with CB3 in the East Village. They ran it like an orgy of admiration club and you are not welcome unless you join them by kissing their posterior.

The community board based on my unpleasant experience is another part of city government that needs an overhaul including full accountability and I wish they televised their goings on along with city hall and had a full break down of their budget as well.

I want Mike Bloomberg out of office. I got his propaganda in the mail yesterday because the mailman put in my neighbors box.
He uses former President Bill Clinton's quote praising him for his leadership front and center except Bill Clinton WILL NOT SUPPORT HIS RUN FOR A THIRD TERM BECAUSE HE IS AN OPPONENT of extending term limits. I am a wild artist and have reached a level of disgust I tear it up and collage in to a bra.

Mike Bloomberg Propaganda Bra

Mike Bloomberg no referendum no Mike underpants

linda said...

this city is so fucking corrupt it's really starting to make me sick. how dare they stop this man from attending a meeting and not allowing him to express his opinions. fuck bloomass and the lesbian one, can't wait till they're thrown out on their fat asses. time for change and really hope everyone is reading and getting this already. all i can say is i tell everyone to NOT VOTE FOR THE MORON BLOOMBERG!

VOTE TONY AVELLA he cares for you and your community.

faster340 said...

If everyone voted for "None of the Above" that would really send a message but then we would end up with Hi$ Highne$$ again!

georgetheatheist said...

Mike Bloomberg Propaganda Bra. LOL.

Mike Bloomberg Propaganda Jockstrap?

Anonymous said...

We should have traded Nazli for that lovely Iranian-American reporter months ago.

Anonymous said...

This woman makes a six-figure salary to trample on the rights of the citizens of NYC. We need to dump the megalomaniac mayor and his pathetic stooges this November!

Queens Crapper said...

I thought her job was to assist the community? Why is she being such a bitch toward it instead? To protect Bloomie's hide? What a paranoid little turd he must be.

Anonymous said...

This woman, Nazli Parvisi is incompetent, like many other Bloomberg commissioners.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Queens Crap keeping everyone honest! I'm glad you're championing Gerry Esposito for standing up to the Mayor's egregious budget cuts. We need more people like Esposito in office. That's why I'm voting for Gerry for City Council. We have to get Diana Reyna and the 29 other City Councilmembers who voted to extend term limits out of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I would not fuck that ugly bitch with Bloomturds dick!