Monday, May 18, 2009

Little League to Brian: It's payback time!

From the NY Post:

The Queens Little League looted by disgraced ex-Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin wants payback.

The Electchester Athletic Association of Flushing wants $95,000 in restitution from McLaughlin, who has admitted stealing from its pint-sized players as part of his $2.2 million fraud scheme, according to federal court papers filed in Manhattan.

McLaughlin, a former labor leader and member of the state Assembly, had the Little League put funds into accounts controlled by his cohorts, who then turned the money over to him to cover various personal expenses.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Carolyn Daly could go work the streets and come up with the money.

Anonymous said...

or maybe she could slip her hand in sabinis pocket when hes drunk and start a fund

Jake said...

Send the bum away for at least
25 years. He made local 3 look like asses. He stole from a little league. He had multiple girlfriends (one was Elizabeth Crowley) while being married, his
good friend Is Dennis Gallagher
who he contributed to, and was the
cockiest of all thiefs. Send the right message to the rest of the crooks that its over! Time to
work for your money and get honest.
Show the world what is done to

Anonymous said...

And State Senator Frank Padavan was the only elected official to send a letter of support/leniency to Justice Richard Sullivan.

Padavan has a long history with McLaughlin. Several years ago democrats ran Morshed Alam against Padavan for the state senate.

Alam, a founder of a democratic club, lost.

McLaughlin was forced to resign from the Assembly and Rory Lancman ran in the primary for the dem nod. His primary opponent was Alam.

Alam lost.

Alam then, due to some back room manuevering with Padavan and Serf Maltese, Alam became the republican candidate for the open seat McLaughlin held.

After much speculation, longtime Democrat Morshed Alam has filed to for both the Democratic and Republican petitions for his race against Democratic organization candidate Rory Lancman.

Alam has been interestingly close to state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) after running to defeat him in 1998. Earlier this year, Padavan said he would seek his party’s ballot line for Alam, saying he was an excellent candidate.

Alam had been reluctant to talk about the possibility of running as a Republican, and even after officially receiving the nomination, still argues that his focus remains winning the Democratic primary.

“I don’t think about that,” Alam said. “My first priority is the primary now, working on that.”

Lancman said the move, which could pit him against Alam twice, once in the primary and again in the general election, smacked of desperation and opportunism.

“Now more than ever, Democratic voters are looking for strong Democrat,” Lancman said. “Primary voters want to see a committed Democrat as their nominee, not an opportunist.”

Typical Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait till that piece of garbage McLauglin flips on Frank Padavan. After Padavan goes to jail maybe we will have some real republicans like Tony N. run. Republicans who are not in the pocket of developers. Where is the Bayside Hysterical Society now ? Now that we see in fact Padavan was in bed with that turd McGlauglin. I wonder what Padavans end of that deal was ? Those two crooks deserve each other. Avella is the only honest politician in Eastern Queens.

Anonymous said...

Tony N. already did run. Frank wasn't standing in his way. If anyone was, it was Serf.

Anonymous said...

"Avella is the only honest politician in Eastern Queens.Yeah, right. How about Avella's involvement with the College Point Athletic Association, the Rastelli family's Enviro-Fill and illegal dumping?

JD said...

What a scumbag. I played little league w/ Brian Jr. in the early 80's.