Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liu, Comrie targeted by towing industry

From NY1:

A proposal by the City Council to more than double tow truck fines for New Yorkers has some critics questioning the link between the bill's supporters and its political sponsors.

...the industry is backing a bill in the City Council that would more than double certain tow rates, raising them to $185 -- up from $70.

At the same time, they're doling out campaign contributions to two of the bill's most influential sponsors.

Queens Councilman John Liu, who is running for city comptroller and chairs the transportation committee, collected nearly $30,000 through the tow truck auto body and salvage industry, when public matching funds are factored in.

Queens Councilman Leroy Comrie, who chairs the consumer affairs committee, has pulled in $1,300 with matching funds.

Photo from the Daily Gotham


Anonymous said...

The fees need to be rased a nominal amount,perhaps 30%,not 110%!

Anonymous said...

The "fees" are a complete rip off. It's typically just the beginning. Tow Operators charge "storage" fees daily for a spot of dirt on an scorched earth and the end result is often the poorest people simply lose their cars.

Liu is, of course SCUM. Always was, always will be.

Lino said...

"...collected nearly $30,000 through the tow truck auto body and salvage industry...." -Which is just a different way of getting it from the mafia.

-All- of these operators are connected scum. Liu should join his Bronx cronies on a perp walk.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All the more reason for people for whom a car is "pure pleasure" rated by an insurance company to dump it altogether. Zipcar, Mint, or any rental agency would make a good substitute.

Let the city and state gorge on fewer car-related revenues since they don't want the poor or working class even to be able to live.

Also, don't forget PATH leaves daily for Jersey. Why should we help keep our dying retail sectors alive--a 9% tax on clothing to be borne primarily by the poor is an excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

And it's time for the Asian community to verify C.M. Liu as being Tommy Huang's cousin!

Couldn't Jimmy Meng confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if any Asian dared to publicly confirm the Johnny/Tommy family ties, they'd become Tong fodder (diced fine and served up on a bed of rice noodles)!

Anonymous said...

The biggest crook in NYC Joh Liu. Its not just the father who went to jail. The truth is coming out Johnny. You have been a very disrespectful boy. And a boy you are.

Anonymous said...

pay offs pay offs pay offs vote this chink out

Anonymous said...

DON'T TRUST LIU, HE IS LIAR AND HIS FATHER WAS CONVICTED OF BANK FRAUD. I hope the tow industry tows his communist ass back to China. I will pay for that.

Anonymous said...

Yes LIU is Disrespectful and AN ASSHOLE, the biggest one. Small Man, Large Asshole