Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He's just like one of us! (part 2)

From the Daily News:

The usual morning commute in East New York, Brooklyn, got an unexpected visitor Tuesday: Mayor Bloomberg, standing at a Linden Boulevard bus stop, watching two buses roll past as he waited for the B13.

Standing next to him in the drizzle was Annie Davis, a 54-year-old mother of six on her hour-plus commute to work as a security guard at the Department of Health downtown.

Davis seemed unfazed by her morning with the mayor, despite the camera crews and cops trailing their every move.

They took seats on the B13 and talked about their health and their mothers, as a few passengers stopped to take pictures or shake the mayor's hand.

One man hunched over in his seat and muttered into his cell phone: "Mayor Bloomberg is in the hood!"

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg may have a lot of dough -- and this time he added a little flour, oatmeal and some raisins to go with it.

The billionaire mayor taped an appearance today on "The "Martha Stewart Show" and shared his favorite recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies with the audience.

Bloomberg appeared alongside famed domestic doyenne Martha Stewart, where the two shared a few laughs and swapped aprons.


linda said...


Miles Mullin said...


Keep this up Blumturd and you will shoot yourself in the foot - you look stupid like another Mike (Doukakis) did riding in a tank (1988)

Wade Nichols said...

So much comedy gold, so little time!

Standing next to him in the drizzle was Annie Davis, a 54-year-old mother of sixGood God! Ever heard of birth control?

Davis makes $11.75 an hour, with no days off and no medical benefits for her asthma inhaler.Need we ask where her “husband” is?

where framed pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren cover the walls.She’s 54, and has great-grandchildren? When did she start, when she was 12?

Bloomberg wouldn't take sides, telling reporters later that "the mayor should not be involved between a union and a company's business negotiations."I wonder why Bloomberg doesn’t apply this principle to other realms, such as real estate development, eminent domain issues, etc.?

"Mayor Bloomberg is in the hood!"And praying to God to get him the hell outta here!

The subway car was crammed, but got them downtown in half an hour.When you have a large security detail accompanying you, of course the subway car is crammed!

showed Bloomberg how to work the X-ray machineShe should have X-rayed Bloomberg’s skull to see if anything’s there.

"I just got a chance to spend a morning with one of those people that makes this city work," Bloomberg said.“those people” – I’m sure that phrase will play well in the black community!

"They set the alarm clock and punch the time clock, and that's what this country is all about."Huh? America is all about waking up and punching a time clock? There’s a lot of people who’d love to clock Bloomberg!

"I worried about how I was going to pay the bills. I went to the local supermarket and was very price-conscious and bought stuff, and I cooked all my own meals for maybe the first five or so years I was in New York City."Local supermarkets such as: Zabar’s, Balducci’s, Dean and Delucca, the kind of place normal New Yorkers like Annie Davis go for their groceries……

ew-3 said...

"showed Bloomberg how to work the X-ray machine"

Anyone else starting to wonder how long we will have to live with x-ray machines everywhere?

will we ever get back to "normal" at the airports?

does the NYPD still need to sport M4 rifles?

georgetheatheist said...

I gotta get outta here. Where's the exit?

Queens Crapper said...

You think he's lecturing her about the whole milk she tried to serve him?

italian girl said...

And the bagels and muffin too!

Anonymous said...

Just like us, give our take a billion.

italian girl said...

I received "The Mike Bloomberg Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan" today in the mail. How do I get off his mailing list?

linda said...

lmao, italian girl he's comin for ya! just burn the shit

i can't take looking at this moron and the other blog with him playing the bongos oh please i can't watch it anymore. the man makes me sick.......

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

My newest youtube don't believe the press, New Yorkers are angry and they are not voting for Bloomberg.

His phony pr makes me want to puke. The city is in awful shape. The streets were better in colonial times, there are pot holes everywhere, when it rains, it floods in the streets and subways are rotted and leak and all he cared about was pushing his tsunami of community crushing development and it was done the same way Wall Street creeps that's greed brought down Wall Street and the same for this city!

The way he and his gang in city council pulled all this third term with no referendum feels criminal and what happened to Christine Quinn's slushgate scandal that was being investigated and cost the tax payers even more money to pay for her and her staffs defense attorneys?

Where did that 20 million Quinn Slush gate and the mayor's 20 million slush to certain council members and groups actually all go? The money should be accounted for with a complete break down on NYC gov. website.

thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Tony Avella for MAYOR!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most of you who read Qns Crap probably know about independent media. I did a search today and there are tons of independent media newspapers on the web. And not once did i read anything about Britney Spears having an ingrown toenail. Much more informative than any of our poison newspapers. I advise you all to do a search and have some fun.

PizzaBagel said...

So, Mayor Mike (aka Bongo Boy Bloomberg -- with apologies to the "Car Talk" guys) has plenty of time to tape campaign ad after campaign ad, and to get some free face time on "The Martha Stewart Show," but he can't spend an hour or so to debate his opponents? Oh, that's right -- he's busy doing the business of running this city. What complete and utter horsesh*t!

Yeah, I also received that mailing from Bloomie today. It was immediately tossed onto my to-be-recycled pile. How do you get off his mailing list, Italian Girl? I suspect he got our names from voter registrations. Mine was addressed not to "Occupant in Apartment such-and-such" but to "The [surname] Household." Yours, too?

Anonymous said...

ew-3 said...
"showed Bloomberg how to work the X-ray machine"

Anyone else starting to wonder how long we will have to live with x-ray machines everywhere?

will we ever get back to "normal" at the airports?

does the NYPD still need to sport M4 rifles?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

1) There are more important things to worry about.

2) Nope.

3) Yep.

Anonymous said...

Ceiling on Your Head Party deplores the obviously intact building surrounding this photo opportunity.

To truly savor the flavor that is Bloomberg, this should have taken place in the middle of the Duane Street building collapse. How dare he waste good gasoline money and his very important time traveling to the wilds of the Outer boroughs.

Remember, civilization stops at the East and Hudson rivers. Ceiling on your Head for a more civilized New York!

jerry rotondi said...

My personal recipe for a healthier New York:

Take one arrogant, elitist mayor; stir in his tax incentives that favor the real estate industry; fold in a morsel of his annoying nasal tone; finally add some polling places.


(I'll bake a huge batch of toll house cookies to celebrate Emperor Bloomberg's removal).

italian girl said...

"Yours, too?"

Yes, Pizza. Actually I had the double misfortune of receiving two. One for me and one for my husband.

I mean to be nasty, but is Bloomstench getting uglier?

linda said...

oh shit italian girl, forgot to take my mail in yesterday and shit i got the same crap from the mayor, omg ran right to the garbage and threw it out... what a waste of money, yeah bloomass keep spending your money right into the trash.