Friday, May 1, 2009

DOB tours Queens construction site

From NY1:

Inspectors from the Department of Buildings toured a construction site in Queens this week, as part of Construction Safety Week 2009.

Too bad they missed all the ones I've been finding. Donnie O'Connor was always good at that, I hear. And for that, he was promoted!


Anonymous said...

Donald O'Connor... working on the side.

Anonymous said...

I have a list of a few that he should see. They are all within blocks of each other will violations and tragedies galore. By the way, the 18th Street in Astoria unfenced construction site now has a gate so children can't just walk in. I hope word got back through someone reading this blog.

It may have saved lives.

Anonymous said...

Don't make me laugh...Queens DOB...the "bribery brigade"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear. I have made the same point about the "Bribery Brigade" and no end of innocent lambs have upbraided me for it.

They are so surprised to learn that our leaders have dirty hands. I'll have to gift them all with a copy of Blake's "Songs of Innocence."

The "Songs of Experience" they can learn for themselves after the buildings fall on their heads.

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