Friday, May 1, 2009

Ambulance turnaround times up

From the Queens Gazette:

Turnaround time to Jamaica Hospital has risen by 2 minutes and 45 seconds since the closing of Mary Immaculate and St. John's said Browne, calling that number, "the key to [EMS] providing service to the community".

ER turnaround times to Queens Hospital and North Shore University Forest Hills also went up by 1:50 and 1:05 minutes, respectively. Turnaround time to Elmhurst has been about the same.

Although there has been no increase, so far, in the number of ambulance transports to Mt. Sinai Queens and New York Hospital Queens, Browne said the summer months ahead will probably bring a greater number of ambulance transports to all hospitals.

Photo from the Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

The Ceiling on Your Head party deplores the increasing turnaround times of ambulances. We support more hospitals, and the crippled, maimed and destroyed bodies to put in them.

Swine Flu won't do the job alone. Vote Bloomberg and Monserrate on the Ceiling on Your Head party line for a brighter future--after all it doesn't get any brighter than the unobstructed view of the sky you see when the ceiling above your head disappears.

Don't accept any ceiling--the sky's the limit! Ceiling on Your Head Now!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody really cares what goes on in this "ghetto hospital".

Great place to be tended if you've got a gunshot wound or a knife cut!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Queens Gazette is unable to get the "accurate " story in Queens.Browne, apparently a dimwit representing a specific health care organization,is spewing false statistics accordingly. All of the acute care and primary care faciltities in Queens have seen an increase in volume particularily in the EDs. The immigrant / uninsured people have experienced a void in their primary care facilities (EDs at
MIH & St. John's). NYHQ carries the burdon equally.

Anonymous said...

this is the parkway gangs doings. the state rightfully closed them down and then the mob at parkway tried to convince our union to help them buy St. Johns and MM. If we did that we would have been fools. the parkway gang only looks to make money by there crooked ways. This hole thing with swine flu is a way for the parkway swine to try to get their piggy hands on taxpayer money. keep these gangsters out of the medicine business. if the state lets parkway gang take over another hospital or reopen parkway than the people who let parkway gangsters back in must be getting something for doing it and it can't be honest. I bet if the FBI dug into this they wold find corruption.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous can calm down - the only people saying Parkway is re-opening are the people that are still hanging around in that building, waiting for a miracle.That place will not be re-opening.