Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cops catch Queens cow

From NY Magazine:

The cow that escaped from a slaughterhouse in Jamaica, Queens today is the new feel-good heroine of 2009! Though little is known about the cow, or her motivations (Was she taking a stand against industrial production? Trying to get a little fresh air? Or simply trying to avoid her own gruesome fate?), we are happy to report that we just spoke to an officer at Police Precinct 103, who informed us that although the cow was corralled and captured by an elite team of officers, she is currently being delivered to the ASPCA and not back to the slaughterhouse. "We always think that once they've escaped, they've earned the right to go free," a police spokeswoman, who wished to remain nameless, told us.


Anonymous said...

She should run for city council. Better a cow than more pigs.

Anonymous said...

i thought that was quinn trying to get away from bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Yep...The cow clearly has more brains as well.
If I were in South Jamaica around all that stinky curry and tweeds running around with goats heads and id run like hell to

Out with the pigs out---More Cowbell

Anonymous said...

If the criminals escape they they go free too?

Anonymous said...

Did they catch "cow queen" Shulman in the act of spitting up her cud on the public sidewalk?

Wade Nichols said...

Wow! New York really is becoming like Bombay!

linda said...

no the cow was trying to get the fuck out of new york!

-Joe said...

Bombay LOL
Have you taken a stroll or drive through Queens Village recently.

You can smell curry on ever corner.
I played the Floral Park party their last summer.
I almost got sick on the stage trailer when the wind changed direction.
This last happened in a Greek food store that had rotting goats heads and eyeballs in the meat displays.

I had to yell out for a stiff Rum and Coke and fire the smoke machine to clarify the air.

That curry sh*t really stinks badly, how can these people eat it!!!
Is this how they store & eat meat in India, Mummify it then re-constitute and cook it ?