Friday, May 15, 2009

College Point dumpster is rats' playground

"Hello Crapper,

The correct address for this photo is 119-14 28 Ave College Point. This dumpster has been on the street for weeks. It has rats running in and out of it. Dept of Sanitation has been contacted many times. They come down shake their heads and leave. FDNY was here and recently gave them big fine for stored improperly fuel tank. Something needs to be done." - The Pope of College Point

Well, I checked DOT's Active Street Construction system and found this:

So they do have a permit for the dumpster. And you have 10 more days to enjoy the rats. Here's more dope from the Pope on this situation:

"That property has an illegal transfer station. That is an M1 zone not M3 needed for a transfer station. It would need to get a special permit from City and approved by our friends (tongue-in-cheek), CB7. The DOB is dragging its feet with this. CM Avella has been working on this. I think DOB is trying to stick it to CM Avella. We all know there is no love lost. The civic sent letters and the neighbors also sent letters to DOB but they just ignore the people. This smells like Bloomie...

They (Montauk) are renting that spot. Tom (the son) owns Montauk. The parents, Edward and Francis, own the property. There's another company involved (construction) that brings in the debris. They separate the metal in the yard. He parks the trucks sometimes on the street over night behind the dumpster.

DOB has been working against us for quiet a while. Vallo Bus company (on 23rd Ave between 129th and 130th Streets) is in a residential area. We contacted CM Avella's office, Sen Padavan's office they both said it's illegal. We got tired of the bull by DOB so we contacted the Public Advocate's office. We were told we have a case. DOB has been putting up a lot of smoke only to get the Public Advocate's office pissed. CB7 in the beginning was a little lost on this but are starting to come around." - The Pope of College Point


Anonymous said...

Those are political clubhouse rats of the Liu and Stavisky variety.

Just bait some traps with kickback money.

That should solve the infestation problem!

Anonymous said...

Those are political clubhouse rats of the Liu and Stavisky variety.

relatively speaking!

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised no one had lit that house on fire!