Friday, May 15, 2009

City Council passes 12 construction safety bills

From the Daily News:

Prompted by the fatal Deutsche Bank building fire, the City Council passed a dozen bills Monday increasing oversight at demolition and asbestos abatement sites.

The new laws require color-coded standpipes and an alarm system in dry standpipes during construction and demolition.

The bills also require special permits for high-risk asbestos abatement and prohibit simultaneous asbestos removal and demolition at most sites.

The new legislation does not apply to federal and state buildings, Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler said.

The mayor's office is pushing for legislation in Albany that would bring state buildings under the new rules, Skyler added.


Artful Dodd-ger said...

Oh I get it.

We take care of problems by passing bills. Then the uncritical press will hail us as heros, true champions of the people.

The heat is off us.

Then we promptly ignore the laws.

Anonymous said...

Artful dodd-ger has it right. Don't we have laws against burying people in Harlem, sending artists flying off stairwells in Long Island City, demolishing neighbor's properties while you build, undertaking life-threatening construction in buildings where tenants are still resident?

Yet where does it get us? The graft goes on and on. If someone took a shotgun to one of these dangerous maniacs, he would be arrested. We would be better off with no police and no regulation since they are successfully intimidating the law-abiding and leaving the scoundrels untouched.