Friday, May 22, 2009

At the end of his rope

Here are some facts about me:
1. I was born and raised in Woodside.
2. My parents bought their first home 30 years ago in Woodside and are living the American dream.
3. We rent the apartment above us to a family with a young daughter.

So here is my story that i would like to put out there and get some feed back on since I (and my parents) are confused with what we can do next.

After so many years of having great neighbors a woman moved in next door and started harassing us. It started with the occasional of throwing trash into the garden but its escalated to spray painting "get out" all over our tenants car. (that happened yesterday morning) There is constant music blasting (so loud and turned on 24/7) and she has this vicious dog that barks at anything that walks by.

I have called the police and I filed a report but nothing changes. She does not open the door when the cops come.

We installed 4 security camera which seems to have stopped her a bit but the writing on the car was such a surprise.

If you have any suggestions or ideas or anything that you think could help please please let me know.




Anonymous said...

Sue her in small claims court, get her name file multiple suits, again and again drag her down to the court. Again and Again.

Anonymous said...

keep it up, its a war now! Can't let up, hate it when you have a bad neighbor but harass her to a point where its stalemate!!

be crazyier then her, get crazy enough that the police come again and again. CAUSE A SCENE, I'm Chinese and I hate racist fucks that think I don't want trouble. I want DEATH and harassment!! don't think peace think KKK. put trash in her yard! Burn a cross on her lawn burn her lawn!

Anonymous said...

Sue, call every news channel, every news paper, make a huge shit. dont let this go on quietly. go into the precinct and speak with the commanding officer. go to one police plaza if you must.

Mr. Angry said...

Document, document, document. set up microphones along with those cameras, if there's other neighbors you can get on your side, gather the troops. File complaint after complaint after complaint.

This is war. Take the car vandalism to court.

goad her into a confrontation in front of those cameras in public with many witnesses. the instant she touches anyone it's grounds for arrest. when you dial 911, say she's got a knife even if she doesn't, otherwise you will not get a response in time.

she can't harass anyone from behind bars.

in the end though, if someone did that to my car though I'd probably set their house on fire.

it's a street fight. you have to get her before she gets you. period. she's no better someone coming up to you on the street and trying to mug you. you can fight or you can flee. unless you want to sell your house, it's time to fight.

Anonymous said...

Like I always said, the N.Y.P.D. is a bunch of lesbians because they dont do dick. Get that racist bitch till the end. Keep filing complaints and get the media involved and if worse comes to worse, pay her back ten fold starting with her little dog!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I agree with some of the these people.

Be careful that this doesn't end in murder, this happened to the Brother in law of a neighbor over parking disputes of all things. Now the brother-in-law is in jail and the neighbor is dead.

I will keep a kind thought for you. I am going through similar things, except the bully is my landlord.

Sometimes you just have to have intestinal fortitude. If someone is broke and crazy, not much to do.

Anonymous said...

Go to your local precinct and ask to speak to the captain or lieutenant in charge to talk about the issue. Explain that if they do not do something about this you will have to take matters into your own hands due to their inaction and take their name, badge number and time and date the informatio. Ask them to sign the inforamtion stating that they were forewarned (which they will undoubtedly refuse).
Either they will be terrified of getting "jammed up" as the NYPD likes to refer to the term of getting in trouble or they will do nothing. If they do nothing, you have no alternative then to take matters into your own hands. Chances are if they do nothing to her to prevent escalation they will do nothing to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Talk to the precint commander, that swaztika make it a hate crime and 10 year sentence. Let the local jewish group know (even if no one is jewish) and they can get people motivated. Once the dog displays he is a threat he can easily be removed from the home also.

And sue her until she has no time to even take a shower

LINDA said...

get the media there and demand for answers from your local POLICE on what they're going to do to protect you, parents and your tenants. i can't believe the police wouldn't want to investergate this! the other blogger is right you have to be careful, this bitch may do something to your home next and i wouldn't want you, your parents or tenants hurt. GET THE MEDIA INVOLVED!!

Anonymous said...

Call 911 and file a police report every time something happens. Call the Queens D.A. office and say that you think you're the victim of a hate crime. Contact local TV stations and try to get coverage, like "Help Me Howard" on WPIX-Channel 11.

Anonymous said...

Bring an article 81 petition on her, she's crazy and can't manage her own affairs.

Taxpayer said...

Contact your council member. If he or she is out campaigning for some other office, use that to embarrass him or her.

Not to insult the Chinese, but, here's a tip: ask a Chinese friend to help you pick out several recordings of Chinese opera on the medium you can play - DVD, CD, tape, etc. Purchase several operas. Play them at night as loud as possible. So loud her eardrums will shatter.

Listen to one opera and you'll know why this will be payback!

By the way, the Chinese have a great sense of humor and will likely cheerfully help you.

If the dog barks for longer than 10 or 15 minutes, report that. If the barking is repeated, call animal care and control to take the dog away; it's being abused.

If your tenant is a "protected" minority, charge your neighbor with hate crimes.

Find every reason to sic the police on her and sue her into oblivion. Show no mercy!

Anonymous said...

give her dog a big chocolate bar. that should shut it up for a while

CntrySigns said...

If you get a restraining order against her won't she have to move? That might solve it. Unless you are willing to press charges and go to court nothing will happen to your neighbor.
But you're not alone, my neighbor feels its ok to blow leaves and garbage away from his property onto mine and his neighbor on the other side. Pictures of him doing this do nothing in the cops eyes unless I want to take him to court (which none of us want to do). I'm here 38 years and my Grandmother has been here 63 years so we just put up with it. As soon as he's done I go out and vacuum them up. His kid scratched his name in my door and we just paint over it. I'm hoping they will move out before it gets worse but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Forget the police they all been placed in handcuffs !


You will get called a racist then blaimed.
When the shit hits the fan the cops will make sure the illegal POS trouble maker doesnt break a fingernail .

---Just keep you mouth shut, and do the right thing.

-Joe said...

I want DEATH and harassment!! don't think peace think KKK. put trash in her yard! Burn a cross on her lawn burn her lawn!

Hell YEAH !!
This is one Chinese that can live next to me anyday !!!
BTW They do that with "troublemakers" in Southold.

People think twice before renting or selling to tweeds.


Anonymous said...

Is this by any chance, an asian woman who lives on the top floor of a building she owns on 64 street off Queens Blvd?? One who claimed a few years ago that her neighbor was walking on her roof and destroying her ceiling?

Queens Crapper said...

I can confirm that she has a Chinese surname, which I omitted from the post. Don't know the street, however. Maybe Juan can enlighten us.

Anonymous said...


My parents have gone through the same thing on their block with the mafia thugs that live next door to them. Blowing leaves, sweeping dirt and dust onto my parents property, shoveling snow up against my parents house, and the persistant problem of partially blocking my parent's driveway or parking an inch away making it just as difficult to back out.
Fighting them hasn't helped, ignoring it hasn't helped either. My parents are now trying to be nice to them and it's helped a bit. That saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" sometimes really does apply. We've come to the conclusion the husband is deranged especially since he won't make eye contact with anyone. He beat up his wife up a few times among other disturbing things we've witnessed but I guess it's all worth since she doesn't have to work. What a moron.
Try talking to these neighbors and be ultra-friendly and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

thank god i rent -bad neighbors

i make their life hell and then move

sorry for your trouble kill the bitch

Jeff said...

I know a guy who knows a guy.

-Joe said...

Don’t get do anything that’s going to get you in trouble..
These posts are opinions.
Under H.R. 1913 a blogger's post could be considered 'hate speech' under this legislation if heard by an individual who then acts on it or 2 simply overhears and is offended.

Mind you H.R. 1913 has not been signed by Obama...but im pretty sure the UN LaRaza butt licker will pass it..

Back to on track.
Judges, lawyers and anger management classes bite it big time.
I was ordered anger managment once. 40 hours of wasting my time hell then day I was to get my diploma class is cancelled.

I go to my hearing and the judge asked have I completed the class?
I simply responded "no I could not your honor" --pause--"The teached killed his wife"

The courtroom outburst and face on the judge was priceless it was worth every minute !

Anonymous said...

Destruction of property & Hate crime - report it as such - get in contact with ACLU attorneys who could advise or defend you for free.

-Joe said...

ACLU attorneys
Dont they only go after white on black crime and represent illegal criminals ?

Ramsey Clark and William Kunstler went to JHS 93 in Ridgewood

Anonymous said...

First of all you must call the police to the scene . You must insist that a seargeant/liuetenant come to the scene. He has more knowledge and experience that the regular beat cops. He can instruct them how to fill out the rport. Document Document Document Everything Every time she does something get a newspaper to show the date and take a photo of it, with the vandalism. Or make sure your digital camera has the correct date and time reading on it.

You must articulate clearly, and in no uncertain terms, to the seargeant that you feel threatened and that you are fearing for your life and your familys life.

You must insist that the police speak with her. If they dont arrest her or bring her in for questioning. Everytime she does something Keep calling 911, eventually they will get fed up and arrest her.

Anonymous said...

forget the police, forget stupid retaliation tactics. who has time for all of that?

not me.
my suggestion is to
go to criminal court and put in for a mediation with this person.

If they don't show up this starts your paper trail which will help you in the end.

the courts love it when you try to resolve things first. peacefully

my one question is & what the cops would ask you - is how do you know it's this woman who spray painted the car? did you see her do it?

Anonymous said...

I did not originally notice the swastika. I wonder how the Jewish Defense League would like to meet your neighbor...

New York said...

Hi everyone. I wanted to thank you all for all the comments and suggestions. I really appreciate everyone taking the time and sharing their 2 cents. To answer the question made earlier about which street she lives on, YES it is the same women who lives on 64th. If you were a former tenant (i know she had 1 or 2 at some point who left randomly) of hers or a former neighbor please contact me.

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

I would love follow up on this one to see what happened. Please keep everyone posted.