Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 more schools to close tomorrow

From the NY Times:

Six more school buildings — four in Queens, one in the Bronx, and one in Brooklyn — will be closed starting Friday, as the authorities continue to try to slow the spread of swine flu.

The six school buildings are as follows:

* Public School/Intermediate School 499 in Flushing, Queens, which includes P993, a school for students with disabilities. Authorities said 17 of a total of 540 students have experienced flulike illnesses during the past three school days.
* P.S. 111 in Eastchester, the Bronx, which includes P.S. 718, where 12 students of a total of 1,008 have experienced flulike illnesses during the last two school days.
* P.S. 143 in Corona, Queens, where 38 of 1,311 students experienced flulike illnesses during the last three school days.
* P.S. 203 in Bayside, Queens, where 9 of 747 students experienced flulike illnesses during the last three school days.
* Middle School 113 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, which includes P372, a school for students with disabilities. Authorities said 16 of 927 students experienced flulike illnesses during the last four school days.
* P.S. 73 in Maspeth, Queens, where 31 of 1,723 students experienced flulike illnesses during the last four school days.

And there are 56 patients in city hospitals that have been diagnosed with swine flu.


Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is asking the same question:
Why don't they close down ALL of the schools for at least a week???

Anyone have a good answer for this question?

ew-3 said...

Money; you know that IG.

If the state were to pay for students not in class till the end of the school year, the schools would be closed in 30 minutes...

linda said...

this city is ran by a bunch of fxxking morons. bloomass the business man is the leader. and about fxxking time they closed IS 73 you would of thought when they had their press conference they would of shut it down. over 500 students didn't show up to school and they ran there, but claim only 31 students, b.s they are lying to everyone. god i really hope our mayor the a-0 is thrown out of his seat. and why is the women from the UTF keep talking on the news, where is that sleezy rat klein?

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall asked for all the schools to be closed until after the holiday and the Mayor just said "that would be inappropriate" Why? She is right.

linda said...

don't know about helen marshall but i did read tony avella's letter to the mayor.. the stupid morons that run this city should of closed schools when the problems started with st. francis prep and started to spread. remember... we all kept saying close the schools and we all know the morons read crapper, so why haven't they listen? because they're a bunch of morons. hey just go by elmhurst hospital and see all the sick people wearing masks in the ER.. hello queens is the biggest cluster of this shit, so why are we the forgotten ones? because they are a bunch of MORONS.

Anonymous said...

How many are truly sick vs concerned parents keeping their kids home ?

How much of this is hysteria due to hype ?
NYC's had outbreaks of flU before and I do not recall school closures or people running to ERs.

.........and yes,my kids are attending school daily and there are absentees,which takes us back to- hysteria/hype,or truly ill ?

linda said...

well thank god my son also hasn't caught it and i believe due to his flu shot in the fall. IS 73 at the press conference stated over 500 students, and yes parents may of kept them home. most of the children that attend this school comes in from corona and has neighbors or possilby siblings that go to IS 5, another school with cases. SO do you blame them? hype no way too many children and adults are catching it and it has spread out to Long Island too. they should of closed down.

Anonymous said...

Who can blame parents for keeping their kids home?
It is a money issue, but if they officially close the schools, are the students really absent? Even if the state didn't pay for a week off now, why couldn't the city extend school for a period after it would have normally ended?
Maybe all the parents should just keep all their kids home for a week and stick it to the system.

linda said...

your right work4nyc, then what would bloomass do? he could of avoided this from the beginning, but no it's all about the mighty dollar and it doesn't affect his family.

long island gal said...

it's practical if schools are closing down. it is better to be safe than regret later. just as long as it won't take too long in closing down cause that will surely affect a lot of things.

linda said...

LMAO, IS 73 apparently no one told the parents and buses because people showed up to the school this morning. I guess they don't watch the news? or can't understand english... better yet bloomass didn't tell the school buses or the mta of the closing, this city is a joke...

Anonymous said...

All these folks with the flu - no hospitals to go to Mr David Patterson, Mayor Blommbuog and Ms Quinn.

Anonymous said...

still think it's a lotta hype and bs.
That asst principal that died (RIP with all respect)--anyone in his family ill ?
no. Had to be DIRECT contact within the home,no ? incubation period and all.Out of the approx.1 million students,how many have this swine flU ?
either officially close down all schools or stop the mediA hype.

list of schools/atendance: