Saturday, May 9, 2009

"As-of-Mike" in College Point riles Tony

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg's pledge to fast-track the new police academy planned for College Point could give him a real headache when he hits the campaign trail in Queens this fall.

Intent on starting construction of the sprawling complex by year's end, Bloomberg is prepared to use his authority to override building and zoning restrictions that could snag the $1 billion project, city officials have said.

City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside), a mayoral candidate whose district includes the academy site, vowed to make a major fuss if Bloomberg rams the plan through against community wishes in northeast Queens.

"I am going to make this an issue in the mayoral campaign if he goes ahead with this," Avella said, noting an override would squash public review.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

For I want to praise you for an excellent blog -- so straight shooting makes me want to move to Queens!


Mike Bloomberg the real estate mayor who destroyed the New York I loved so passionately with his city wide community crushing tsunami that favored his developer friends is at it again.

Watch my youtubes starting with Mayor Bloomberg King of New York. I have a new series on eminent domain abuse which seems to happen a lot under king Mike Bloomberg although some of his real estate magnate friends don't even need to abuse eminent domain like NYU, Cooper Union and NY Law. I interviewed Tony Avella at the demonstration fighting Columbia University's abuse of eminent domain.

I believe Mike Bloomberg let the starting salary for the NYPD be lowered which was UNACCEPTABLE for the NYPD and for the people of New York but when it comes to real estate all of the sudden he takes an interest in the NYPD?

NYC council which is rife withso many conflict of interests it is embarrassing and yet another stain on NYC in my opinion including --- voting themselves a raise and that was when the NYPD's starting salary was lowered is also allowed to take slush money direct it their relatives because this conflict of interest board is the biggest joke in city hall... Tony Avella is the only city council member with a perfect attendance record, voted against term limits being extended which is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and voted no to giving themselves a raise which is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

To date Mike the emperor of NYC who gave city council and groups with their relatives an estimated 20 million dollars in slush is at it again ignoring the fact their is a community. I want to see a complete detailed break down of the mayor's 20 million dollar slush and Christine Quinn's (mike jr) 20 million dollar slush fund so if she gave x amount of millions to a group the group has to give a detailed break down as well and I want to see this on city government's website with links to the org. with a complete list of how the millions were spent.

To date king mayor Mike refuses to give the NYPD, FDNY, PAPD and EMS their rank on the 9-11 memorial because he fears that would make them some how special but when it comes to "changing the law" denying the people of New York a referendum, real estate deals like this Mike is beyond special. He erased the largest loss of rescue workers in our city, state and Nation's history at the site all these years to millions that visited that saw our rescue workers run into those buildings over and over.

Time to send a message to the mayor that wants to be king and emperor -- vote for Tony Avella, vote no more emperor Mike Bloomberg. Take this city back, return the city to the people of New York City and I want a really conflict of interest committee in place at city hall with more transparency and accountability.
Suzannah B. Troy

jerry rotondi said...

Emperor Bloomberg will meet his "Waterloo"...hopefully at the polls this November!

NO 3rd TERM!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bum-turd might have his money but Avella has the will of the people on his side.


Throw that democracy usurping bloomin' bastard out of city hall!


italian girl said...

Have you sent in your donation today?

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella is a moron.
Plain and simple.
He is an embarassment as an elected official, and anyone who takes him seriously as a Mayoral candidate really needs professional help.
Don't waste your time.

italian girl said...

Could that be Bloomsnot himself?

Anonymous said...

"Tony Avella is a moron.
Plain and simple.
He is an embarassment as an elected official, and anyone who takes him seriously as a Mayoral candidate really needs professional help.
Don't waste your time."

Time to change Mommie's diapers. And don't forget to put on extra talc. It's Mother's Day for gosh sakes!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is pathetic and will be voted out. He thinks that with the millions he has already spent on his stupid TV ads, he can buy this election. NOT.

Tony Avella has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Tony is out of his mind!!!! Does he actually think that he can stop the police academy being built! He's nuts.
He also never smiles and will not even get 1/2 percent of the mayoral votes out of Queens.
Tony A, get real and and wise up , your just a local Pol from Bayside.

Anonymous said...

go tony i hope you win

Anonymous said...

Time to change Mommie's diapers. And don't forget to put on extra talc. It's Mother's Day for gosh sakes!

HA HA HA evan your a loser go away

Anonymous said...

hey evan why you hate avella so much

Anonymous said...

Is woosy spelled A-p-e-l-i-a-n or K-e-l-t-y?

Anonymous said...

CB#7's Chuck Apellian will eventually sell out the community on this when he finally gets the right price...that blow-hard phony!

Anonymous said...

A little note to you Parkside scoffers:

Tony has the same chance that Obama did!


You clubhouse crooks are yesterday's


Anonymous said...

If you think that Avella is a joke why even bother posting ?

In a word......INSECURITY!

Bloomberg's 3rd term ain't so firmly in the bag and you all know it!

Evan it's Mothers' Day.

Take your porker to the trough for a good feed!

Pick up the tab for a change too!

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Toby is wearing a "tweeded" suit on this mother's day.

Anonymous said...

Evan's looking a lot like his daddy these days.

Ya never know with Toby...a little Oedipal situation might be in the works?