Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rating the city's delivery of services

From the NY Times:

How New Yorkers feel about everything from fire protection to rat control, taken from a survey of thousands of residents by the city last year.


Missing Foundation said...

You see what happens when you move yuppies into a community like Community Board 2?

They see how poorly Queens is run and (horrors) expect Manhattan services.


ACORN/PRATT and 'affordable housing' will take care of THAT!

Missing Foundation said...

Is it not interesting that areas with high immigration and low civic expectations, like Elmhurst, Corona, and Flushing, where quality of life is (ahem) not the best, gets a higher satisfaction index.

Or should we say, more realistically, a low complaint index.

Hell you can even close hospitals in those communities and they will say .... nuttin!

Lets examine this some more Crappie!