Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garbage station too close to LGA runway

From Eyewitness News:

Common sense might tell you that there's no way to move 3,000 tons of garbage a day without attracting birds. The city has convinced the FAA and the Port Authority that it can, and can do it right next to LaGuardia Airport.

It's been eight years since the city used a facility in Queens for trash. Now it wants to spend $125 million to double its size and re-open it as a an enclosed trash transfer station. It will take in more than 3,000 tons of garbage daily, put it in sealed containers and onto barges. And it's just 2,000 feet from one of the busiest runways in the world.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need next to what is already the most dangerous, obsolete, and over-used airport in America.

Calling Sully.

Taxpayer said...

The brilliance of this plan is breathtaking.

Not even the terrorists could ever get away with having a legal right to down planes as they take off!

And the weapons are free.

When the report refers to "the city", that actually means Commissar Death and Taxes.

Anonymous said...

what does he care he flys om a private jet im sure so as long as he is ok thats all that matters the common folk are not important

Anonymous said...

This plan is for the birds!!! What are they thinking? Bird-brains!!!

vote him out said...

this mayor is a joke what a waste tax money and time there are tranfer stations now that do this job why should the city get in to it now ,

waste waste waste

no more birds said...

no way could the FAA and the P A of ny allow this no way . birds are alway a problum around airports this is crazy, what are they trying to do

Anonymous said...

give it to tully . you watch its part of the willets point deal

Anonymous said...

And which developer will be building
"luxury housing" on this former garbage dump in College Point after it's moved across the bay?

That's what it's really all about.

Somebody has got their eyes on this "prime" waterfront property.

One of Wellington's friends at TDC...perhaps?