Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mets screwing Little Leaguers

From the Queens Courier:

For the past four years, Little Leagues throughout the borough have participated in a special day at Shea Stadium where they purchased 1,200 discounted tickets from the Mets and got to lead a parade on the warning track of the field prior to the game.

This year, however, the Mets have told league officials including Bayside Little League President Bob Reid, that the teams may only be able purchase 500 (or less) tickets at full price, and they can’t guarantee they will be able to have the parade on the field prior to the game.

“The Mets organization is telling me that unfortunately we have 15,000 fewer seats, and we can’t do what we have done in the past,” said Reid, who is a longtime Mets fan that recently had the opportunity to tour Citi Field and thinks it’s great. “I think they are just forgetting the little guy.”

And because of the Yankees' new stadium, kids in the Bronx are gonna play soccer on top of a parking garage.


Anonymous said...

Move along lil league deadbeats, there are developers with paychecks a-waitin.

Anonymous said...

No one could predict this would happen in a field with fewer seats? After all, its not about the kids, but about the rich adults.

They are choking the future of their sport as fewer children can actually see a game. In the meantime, there's always minor league. The stadiums in Staten Island and Brooklyn provide a cheaper and more enjoyable experience anyway.

Taxpayers said...

These kids' parents already paid dearly for any seat they want on any day they want.

If taxpayers now own AIG because tax dollars paid for it, then taxpayers own the new stadium (and the one in the Bronx).

Who in the hell do Wilpon and the Commissar think they are by refusing entry to the property owned by the taxpayers? Wilpon and the Commissar have been reduces to caretakers. They took our money. Now get the hell out of the way of children!

Anonymous said...

I went to a couple of Long Island Ducks games last summer. Smaller stadium, easily accessible, easy to get into and out of the parking lots, and both the stadium and the game were COMPLETELY geared towards families. In addition, after one game, there was a fireworks show that was comparable to anything I ever saw at Shea. I am now a Minor League Baseball supporter, and I will never again step inside a major league stadium.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Bad Karma ...
No World Series win for these bunch of losers. Too many bad vibes rolling through the new stadium.

Its all about the $$$$

Anonymous said...

How sad for the kids, I know my son always looked forward to that day. Looks like no Citifield for our family this year.

Anonymous said...

No baseball tickets for you, but you can always help fund Citibank's bailout.