Sunday, March 8, 2009

Noticing New York's density

From Noticing New York:

Noticing New York has no problem arguing that the Mayor can do a lot to make things worse. It only takes the Mayor’s continuing to move forward with his predilection for unthinking, pell mell and insufficiently planned additions to city density at every seeming opportunity.

Newsweek concludes its article with some complimentary statements about Bloomberg that indicates they have not caught up with the current turning of the tide in public opinion. They do say one thing with which we agree; he has a “love” of “risk-taking.” It is just that when he arrogantly joins such “risk-taking” with “big ideas” to which he has given insufficient thought and his reflexive love of accommodating big developers, the rest of us wind up with an unlivable city.


kynes said...

You can barely drive on Broadway there anyway. I avoid it like the plague when driving.

Anonymous said...

Broadway is a centuries-old road, predating the white settlers. It has been defying the rectangular grid since 1811.

And here comes Bloomberg to end Broadway's nonconformist streak. Midtown's link to the pre-Columbian period is coming to an end.

georgetheatheist said...

Indeed, the pre-Beringian (aka "native Americans", "Indians", etc.) Solutrean Ice Age emigrants from Europe used Broadway as a means of mass migration onto the North American continent.

Anonymous said...

not again with the pseudo-history!

Anonymous said...

georgie, as much as I teased you about your monotonous business, you were at least coherent then.

With this new Solutrean kick, I'm afraid you're one step away from a purple blanket and Heaven's Gate armband. Put the vodka away.

georgetheatheist said...

Now you know why it is called the Great White Way.