Sunday, March 8, 2009

More complaints against Queens dog breeder

A dog breeder from Queens is back in the Fox 5 Hall of Shame. She used false promises to sell expensive dogs, and that's not all. Robin Schulder's attorney says most of Schulder's customers are satisfied with their dogs. But New York State is reviewing her's pet dealer's license because of costumer complaints. Watch Arnold Diaz's report.

Previously: Queens Dog Breeder is One Sick Puppy


Anonymous said...

This woman should be ashamed of herself. Not only is she a horrible dog breeder, she's a nasty liar.
Why would ANYONE spend $6,500 on a dog? It must be nice having money to burn.

And to the dog breeder:
I hope you've changed your look since we last saw you.

Snake Plissskin said...

This woman has a great future in Queens:

1. the mayor's CAU unit.
2. working for DOB
3. working for LPC
4. community board appoitment: any community board
5. working for a developer.

Anonymous said...

People should consider adding a shelter dog to their lives. For non-show, non-working dogs, pure-breds offer few advantages and all the disadvantages of in-breeding including illness and temperment problems.

For those who insist on purebreds, there are animal rescue groups and amateur breeders who breed small numbers of puppies in healthy environments. My grandfathers on both sides of the Atlantic bred terriers for farm or home use.

I remember how annoyed my mother was that her father's home bred Boston Terriers were unsaleable without AKC registration papers, yet were healthy, beautiful dogs with stable dispositions. I shared my childhood home with the last of those dogs--Beauty, the runt of the litter.

Please put the dog first. Investigate the breed characteristics before you add a dog to a home and don't be a snob. This is one instance where free or cheap is often better.

georgetheatheist said...

Cave Canem.

Caveat emptor.

faster340 said...

This bitch should live a life like the animals she sells! I hate people like this!

Anonymous said...

Someone shoot her please.

Anonymous said...

She's con-artist. She needs to be stopped! She is selling sick, crippled diseased animals. Check out

Anonymous said...

If you have been a victim of this woman like many others please contact the BBB, The Department of Agriculture & Licensing, The Attorney General's Office, & the ASPCA. It is up to the people to contact the correct departments to get her shutdown!

Blair Sorrel said...

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