Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Queens dog breeder is one sick puppy

There are few things in life as cute as a little puppy, so imagine paying thousands of dollars to a pet dealer, only to discover that your new puppy is very sick. Fox 5's Arnold Diaz points the finger of shame at a dog breeder in Queens.


italian girl said...

What a money-grubbing wretch. Poor puppies.

To the wretch:

Get a makeover. It's not 1987 anymore.

Anonymous said...

One more reason why people should avoid breeders altogether and go to the ASPCA, Bide-A-Wee or North Shore Animal League when they want a pet. These fine institutions monitor puppies and dog's health and will work with the new owner in arranging future health care of their animals. There are plenty of dogs and cats to be adopted and all for a nominal donation. Please avoid these greedy breeders and stop lining their pockets with cash at an animal's expense.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to kennel cough all over her skank ugly face. And who are the idiots to buy without doing their homework?

Anonymous said...

This demonic witch is truly Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

I believe the Fox site reads "... new puppy is very sic." [sic]

italian girl said...

"I'd like to kennel cough all over her skank ugly face. And who are the idiots to buy without doing their homework?"

People who have some $$$ and think a dog from a shelter or North Shore Animal League isn't good enough. 2 or 3 grand for a pooch? What a mutt won't love you just as much if not more?

Typical rich people. Thinking spending more actually gives you more quality. And it does. Sometimes.

-Joe said...

The idiots the buy these Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, Rancho Canarias got what the deserve.

These defective animals protect there families and kill everything in sight.
The US Kennel Association refuses to even recognize them as dogs.

A Manhasset girl I knew (Diane Whipple) was decapitated by 2 of these man made black tongue freaks in San Fransico where anything goes.

This breeder wasnt even asked to produce her 1 millon $$ per dog insurence policy to own these self guided attack missles.


Chiz said...

who cares?

Anonymous said...

The ONLY dog breeders that should be trusted are those which are endorsed by the American Kennel Club. I am almost positive that none of them live in Queens. You cant just breed a bunch of dogs in your living room and call yourself a breeder. Or like suggested above, if you dont care if your dog is a pure breed then the ASPCA or Northshore animal league are a good start.

And just as a note, pet stores in general are just as bad as breeders like this sick woman.