Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pols say rename stadium for taxpayers

(AP) Two New York City Council members say that Citigroup should show its thanks for a federal bailout by sharing the naming rights to the new Mets ballpark in Queens.

The struggling bank is slated to pay $400 million over the next 20 years to name the stadium Citi Field.

The bank made the commitment years ago, when it was flush with cash.

But now that Citigroup is getting billions of dollars in federal aid, Staten Island Republicans Vincent Ignizio and James Oddo say the ballpark's name should be changed to Citi/Taxpayer Field.

Citigroup and Mets officials have been saying that they have no plan to alter the naming-rights deal.


Cartoon by Sean Delonas


Anonymous said...

I understand the gesture but think its kinda silly to seriously advocate.

Taxpayer said...

You know, I don't believe it's silly to name the stadium after me. And serious people believe its crude to name it after that grubby-handed, moron-managed bank.

Anonymous said...

call is flushing meadow municipal stadium. enough of naming public buildings after private companies.

Anonymous said...

We all know it will end up "Bloomberg Stadium" and a legacy will be bought, I mean born.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they name it the original name? SHEA STADIUM. People will call it that anyway. It's short, simple and familiar. Keep SHEA STADIUM's name. You don't need all these corporations, that in this day and age can go bust on a moments notice.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shea's ghost strikes again!

Anonymous said...

omg, it should be shae. if they want a new name, just call it the mets stadium.. it's not like any other team plays there. omg.. omg.. these ppl are so retarded.

Miles Mullin said...

We will get a federal baildout and the newspapers will tell us the pols are debating Hillary House vs The Ackerman Arena.

The possibilities are endless.

Just think. Be creative. Try it.

You can take the FDR and RFK or the Jackie Robinson to the Crowley Civic Center.

Right next to Shulman Green at Willets Point.

Anonymous said...

name it biggie smalls field then we can have all the corrupt politicans he works for honored for hiring a big fat want to be punk as- gangster. oh oh were scared he has a labtop and a blackberry. i think his girl friend said hey biggie your SMALL

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers now own a part of Citibank - 400M for naming rights - that should stop immediately we are bailing them out right?

The stadium should look elsewhere for new cash for naming rights. If anything the Mets should pony up extra money to the city during this tough time. Are the player not paid million per year for a boy's past time?

Anonymous said...

They should rename it Enron field.Or maybe Ayn Rand is a capitalist writer thats fools libertarians but she and the Wall st hedge funders have a laugh at your expense!Literally.

Joe said...

"Junkyard Staduim" in honor off all the people the city is screwing !