Sunday, November 30, 2008

How not to run a city website

Bought the cheap plan, eh Betsy?


Anonymous said...

What does Betsy Gotbum do except live off of the city payroll?

Anonymous said...

And, worse, she will probably continue to live off the city payroll for years to come in retirement from public service (uh, well...she was sort of retired in place. Why retire at partial when you can retire in place on full salary?)These cats usually find a cushy professorship at CUNY, as well.

Since it must be a matter of public record, is there a place to go to find out what checks go out each month to Koch, Giuilani, Gotbaum the husband, any of the former borough presidents,etc etc etc?

Public service has its long term rewards.

Taxpayer said...

Weren't all the public payroll jobs she filled exceeding her bandwidth too?

Joe said...

Haaa Same sh*t in North Hempstead.
Web sight down day of agenda meeting
The Supervisor and 4 council members (all Great Neck democrats) added both a pay raise and 10% tax increase to the agenda 5 hours before the meeting.
They did do a legal notice however put it in a Glen Cove out of town newspaper.
...No body showed up and guess what happened.


Whistling Joke said...

And whose cousin was hired as communication director for the p.a. office.

-Joe said...

whose cousin was hired
Yeah--"All In The Family" like the Souzzi mob and the dirty mess they made. (and been getting busted as more people get fed up)

I swear Democrats are like egg laying cockroaches! Once they get in you can’t get them out till bothe sides are left with a pile of rubble.

Need the feds or some folks with balls and bats in the game up here. This corruption is out of hand!

I can’t remember where I read this--
Didn’t Alexander Hamilton who placed (below Quotes) into the Constitution or was that the Siege of Yorktown before forming the US Mint?

"Should the government become so corrupt its is the civic duty of its citizens to eradicate tyrants by any means possible"

"Time the tree of liberty will need to be fertilized by both the blood of tyrants and Warriors.