Sunday, March 8, 2009

Huge turnout at Broadway-Flushing rally

Civic leaders turned out en masse this morning at Bowne Park for a rally sponsored by Councilman Tony Avella and the Broadway-Flushing Homeowners Association to protest the LPC's decision to not designate Broadway-Flushing area as an historic district. The following photos and videos were sent in by attendees.


Anonymous said...

he's our next mayor (THANK GOD )

italian girl said...

What a great turnout!

Anonymous said...

Tony and Frank together! Amazing (and potent).

Anonymous said...


Um, the decision was to AGAINST making Flushing North a historic district.

This rally was locking the barn door after the horse was stolen.

Anonymous said...

There are approximately 2,000 votes in this nabe and Mayor Bloomberg knows damn well that he he can't risk losing them if he intends to seek his third term!

I'd call that "POTENT"!

Anonymous said...

Over 200 residents turning out for this rally early on Sunday morning... despite the fact that the clocks had been pushed ahead an hour for daylight savings time... indicates to me a VERY POWERFUL LOBBY for designation of our area.

I think we hit the triple crown on this note!

Anonymous said...

The game play by LPC ain't over yet!

Bloomberg needs Broadway/Flushing's votes locked up!

And so do the various candidates running for Avella's seat.

An invitation to our neighbor Paul Vallone:

Are you willing to publicly
call for the immediate calendering
at the LPC for our historic district now that you've seen the overwhelming support of your fellow residents?

This deserving neighborhood must
be preserved not plundered by developers building their boxy low class Mc Mansions!

Alan said...

I was pleasantly surprised at the large turnout as well. It has been estimated that the count reached about 250 persons. Considering that it was early on a Sunday morning (with the clock change), I am optimistic that the issue will be addressed soon and to the satisfaction of these dedicated souls and their neighbors.

I am a little dismayed at the lack of media coverage. Reporters from the locals were present but none from the print or electronic media, other than NY1 news and I have yet to see their report. Did they do one?

Anyhow, in case you missed it, I posted the event on YouTube in 3 parts since they won't let you use more than 10 minutes at a clip. My audio is not as good as Christina's but it provides an additional perspective of the event and the elected officials and people present. Here are the links:

Alan said...

I just wanted to add that the private houses in part 1(on Union Street) would be on the western border of the protected zone...which happens to be in John Liu's council district. It begs the question...why wasn't he present as well? ...or Toby Stavisky for that matter? Also absent from the rally was a representative of the Mitchell-Linden Civic Association. I am glad that there are some neighborhoods, like Broadway-Flushing, that still care about their quality of life and future.

italian girl said...

Could it be possible that they(maybe at Bloomberg's request)didn't want to landmark the area just to stick it to Avella since he's running for mayor?

Anonymous said...

John Liu is Tommy Huang's cousin.

Tommy has already destroyed
parts of Liu's district south of Northern Boulelvad already some 22 years ago!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Lung Fong Chen, one of Tommy Huang's early lawyers, lives on the south side of 33rd Ave. between 165th & 166th Streets in B'way/Flushing in an aluminum sided stucco Tudor house.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this Lung fellow also on the board of Flushing Town Hall?

Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg doesn't convince the LPC to change their mind he can't count on support from our nabe in his bid for re-election.

CAU's Ms. Manley was told that
at the last BFHA meeting.

A little reminder:

Get the mayor's ear Jennifer or does he want to gamble on losing thousands of votes in the Broadway/Auburndale area.

Do the simple math then decide!

The power still rests with the people here.

This ain't downtown Flushing!

Anonymous said...

Although appearing traditionally mild mannered this neighborhood has its SUPERMEN & SUPERWOMEN determined NOT TO TAKE THIS LYING DOWN!

This fight will be to the death!
Make no mistake about it!

No excuses and no campaign promises from those hawking for Tony's seat either!

We spotted all of you out there.

Deliver NOW or else suffer the consequences later.


italian girl said...

"If Bloomberg doesn't convince the LPC to change their mind he can't count on support from our nabe in his bid for re-election."

Bloomie obviously doesn't care about this neighborhood. And probably thinks losing votes from Broadway-Flushing would hurt him anyway.

italian girl said...

excuse me .... wouldn't hurt him anyway

city server said...

Not so "Italian Girl".

I have it through the grapevine that Mayor Bloom-turd can't afford to gamble losing the voting bloc that comprises the Aburndale/Flushing area!

It can cut the election edge he thinks he has too close causing him to lose.

We still have some juice here.

Have faith!

Anonymous said...

The Landmarks Preservation Commission has just awakened a sleeping tiger with their pompous snub!

Don't "F" around with the BFHA!

They'll rip 'em off!