Sunday, March 8, 2009

Johnny makes it official

From NY1:

City Councilman John Liu officially announced plans to run for city comptroller Sunday.

Liu says his background in finance makes him the perfect candidate for the job.

In a statement, Liu says, "Now more than ever, we need a Comptroller who will root out waste and inefficiency as budget cuts are imposed, and ensure accountability and equal opportunity as billions in stimulus funding arrive."

Liu denied earlier reports that he was planning to run for public advocate.

And it turns out that black people love him. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

bad move lu you suck and will lose

Queens Crapper said...

You're not the only one who feels this way.

Anonymous said...

So now John Liu wants to run for Comptroller. Whoop di do! I guess he saw that the office of Public Advocate was filling up fast and his ratings were in the toilet. As they should also be for the office of Comptroller

John Liu is scum

Anonymous said...

John Liu is for the lobbyist and they were protesters at the his press release today with signs of Liu as traitor and they supporters kicked them out of city hall. these were peaceful people only holding signs and Liu supporters chased them away.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is for the lobbyists and there were protesters at his press release today with signs of" Liu as traitor "and liu's supporters kicked them out of city hall. these were peaceful people only holding signs and Liu supporters chased them with expletives. Liu is a goon and has low scores in both humane scorecard and human rights scorecard. Liu is as rotten as they come.

Anonymous said...

Liu would make a better Comptroller than the 'do-nothing but talk' candidates vying for this position. John has been visible in our community and in the news media--constantly. You never see the other candidates speaking out in the news media as often as John. Always on NY1, WABC, WOR, WCBS, New York TImes, Daily News, all the local papers, etc. He has nothing to hide and is not afraid to speak up for his constituents.
Go John GO!

Anonymous said...

John votes quite differently than how he votes and he is all campaign speak with no integrity. He scored a big fat zero in the humane scorecard and quite as low in the human rights scorecard. this guy has no integrity at all!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what John Liu supports- that guy has no compassion and/or ethics. Yes please Go John liu, go to hell

Anonymous said...

David Weprin also has a background in finance. At the end of the day, will anyone run for Borough President, or will Helen Marshall be reelected by default?

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a guy on the subway today (LONG story) and he sadi that Liu is the choice of Southern Brooklyn. Yassky is hated because of his Congress run, the Queens machine probably won't endorse at all because there are now 3 Queens pols in the race. Melinda isn't a serious candidate although she has $$ and Weprin has the charmisma of a used-car salesman.

Anonymous said...

Me again (Subway Guy) - not saying Liu is a good choice AT ALL, but this was a interesting discussion about how the candidates are percieved.

Anonymous said...

not a great pool but Liu and Weprin are rotten and lack integrity. Yassky is the better man. Katz is too aligned with real estate developers

Anonymous said...

Peaceful Demonstrators expelled from Council Member and comptroller candidate John Liu's press release held on Sunday March 8 2009 at City Hall. Perhaps the protestors' banner "John Liu Does not represent the interest of the people of USA" is accurate since freedom of expression is oppressed by John Liu's camp/supporter

Anonymous said...

His "background in finance" includes a father who was convicted of bank fraud.

Joseph "daddy" Liu was indicted by the feds for his part in the Great Eastern Bank job!

Anonymous said...

Wait until it gets all around town that C.M. Johnny boy is Tommy Huang's cousin!

Fat chance he'll have even running for dog catcher!

Anonymous said...

The Stavisky's have always backed him.

They probably beefed up Liu's million dollar plus war chest with some cash from their own which is one of the biggest around!

Anonymous said...

So the "Blacks" love him?

Asians are among the most notorious Black bigots!

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Asians are displacing African Americans at the Bland Houses in Flushing.

But wasn't that part of the plan
to drive them out of town..."discretely" of course?

A former Assemblyman was overheard saying (with other witnesses present) about 20 years ago,
"Thank God for the Asians, We didn't want Flushing to become another south Jamaica" (or was it the south Bronx?).

Anonymous said...

If the FBI ever grilled Myra Baird Herce, we wonder just what she'd
have to say on this subject...h-m-m-m? !!!

She's been around since the old Donald Manes Era.

The Downtown Flushing Development Corp. set up under the view of Manes!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lui is not telling the truth. I was at a Democratic Club breakfast meeting in Brooklyn back in Feb. 2009. He defintely said he was running for Public Advocate.Did not even metion the Comptroller job. Can't trust this guy.

Anonymous said...

Of course you should never trust this cousin of Tommy Huang.

I wouldn't put it past Johnny trying to sell his own mother as a virgin in a whore house he owned!

Got that Evan?

You want to watch out for that Stavisky scum also.

Never turn your back on Toby.

She's been playing her constituents (and Leonard's) like a Stradivarius all these years and they were too innocent to realize it!

The Stavisky's are far more dangerous than anyone out there because their Taiwanese "connections" are under the radar!

Just ask Gary Ackerman!

Anonymous said...

Same shit, different job...but an improvement over developer ass kisser Katz.