Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eminent domain headed to Coney Island

From the NY Post:

City officials have said for more than a year that condemning land isn't an option for steam rolling forward with the mayor's ambitious 47-acre rezoning plan for the rundown seaside area.

But hidden deep within the draft of the plan's nearly 1,000-page environmental impact statement - which the city submitted in late January to kick off a public review -- is language saying otherwise.

It states that boardwalk land needed to create a new 9.39-acre outdoor amusement park, a 1.4 acre neighborhood park and new streets to better connect Coney Island landmarks "could be acquired through condemnation, as necessary."

What a mess the city has made of things. First they destroyed Coney Island, now they want to use eminent domain yet again to try to save it. Are there any projects the City hasn't used eminent domain for? Guess what Bloomie - New London is now kicking itself for what it did to Susette Kelo and her neighbors.

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

just stick Mayor Bloom-turd on the ol' parachute jump with a chute that doesn't open!

Anonymous said...

Coney Island is so friggin dirty. Would it kill ppl to pick up after themselves. Was that beach ever clean?

Anonymous said...

What is going on in New York is a lot like what the Chinese did before the Beijing Olympics when they seized people's homes in preparation for the games. They had 90-year old women sitting on the roofs of their buildings in a vain attempt to save them.

Maybe we need to respect property rights before this city turns into a Facist or Communist dictatorship.