Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tale of the tardy Doorman

From Gotham Gazette:

The meeting was running more than three hours late and in rolled Councilmember Eric Gioia. The time: After 5 o'clock and 40 minutes into the council's stated meeting.

The public advocate candidate slid into his high-backed, crimson leather chair perched at the front of the City Council's chamber, leaned back and started thumbing through his Blackberry.

The roll call vote was already midway through the alphabet. Gioia made eye contact with the council's majority leader.

His name was called. "I ask permission to vote 'yes' on all land use call ups," Gioia asked -- referring to a vote that happened nearly a half hour earlier. The majority leader nodded: "So ordered."

"Thank you," Gioia said, then voted on the rest of the day's agenda.

Finished, he turned back to his Blackberry. Ten minutes later, the meeting adjourned.

Cute story and very telling. Click on the above link to see who shows up for work and how often. And this is interesting, too.


Anonymous said...

Remove this piece of unconcerned shit from office. Take the rest of his colleagues out as well since they are all absolutely useless drains on our resources.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even Singin' Joe Crowley can't help this POS that has turned his back on his community as they face the bulldozers.

Team Gioia is falling apart.

Anonymous said...

How did he get the "doorman" moniker?

Anonymous said...

This guy Gioia is a do-nothing pig. He's the most hated council member by far.

georgetheatheist said...

He used to work as a doorman before treating NYC as his doormat.

Anonymous said...

After I recently called Gioia a dork
my wife retorted,
"But I hear Eric is a decent guy with a good heart".
(I might be filing for divorce).

I quickly fired back,
"When this tin doorman went to the Wizzard of Oz he should have asked for a brain like the scarecrow did"!

Without one he can only be trusted to open the door each time a clubhouse "notable"
begs entrance!

And I hope those developers he serves in his neck of the woods tip him well come holiday time.